Criminal Gold Dealer Gets 5 Years for Fraud
AUGUST 30, 2013

Criminal Gold Dealer Gets 5 Years for Fraud

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
David Marion, whose International Rarities Corp. conned 57 victims (many of them elderly ) out of $3.4 million, received a sentence of 5 years in prison.
One of Marion’s 57 victims was the late father of Susan Turner. He lost $400,000 which he had saved for the benefit of his family and two mentally disabled sons.
Further information on this particular case can be found by clicking here.
A 2011 StarTribune Report documented shady coin dealer operations, click here & here for more.
You might be asking yourself, "How could this happen?".
Investing in gold and silver may seem simple and straightforward, the reality is not so.
There are many types of ( quote, unquote ) "investments" in gold and silver you will want to avoid.
Gold and silver dealers are no different from any other industry or crowd of people.
Within our industry you will find many good honest professionals and organizations, but you will also find some bad outfits whose practices can be described as underhanded, even criminal.
Being one of the world's largest gold and silver bullion dealerships, we have had the pleasure of speaking with and serving thousands of our clientele.
Through the years we have both researched and heard first hand accounts from some of our very own customers who had previously fallen prey to some unscrupulous precious metals dealers.
These folks learned the pitfalls in gold and silver investing the hard way.
You don't have to learn these lessons the hard way. 
Common Gold & Silver Pitfalls to Avoid
Click here for a tutorial on the many gold and silver investing pitfalls out there, so you can always avoid them. 
Knowing what not to do when investing in gold and silver is just as important ( if not more important ) than knowing what to do.  
By the end of this report, you should also be able to perform some fast and easy steps of due diligence in order to quickly recognize the types of organizations you and your hard earned savings should steer clear of.

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