How to Buy Gold and Silver

  • How do I open an account with

    • Click the My Account or Create Account link, follow the steps to get your account set up and you can start investing in precious metals today.

  • What are the benefits of having a account?

      • - Place orders 24 X 7
      • - Receive weekly newsletters and important notifications from Mike Maloney
      • - Compare previous purchases to the live sellback offers
      • - Modify your account information
      • - View your orders and track the status of your shipment
      • - Access your historical transactions for cost basis
  • Where is your office located?

    • Our corporate office is located in Calabasas, California.


  • Why should I do business with

    • We are gold and silver cycles investors. Our expertise in measuring both past and current gold and silver markets should help us time this bull market profitably. When our measurements indicate we are near the top of this precious metal bull market, we will be issuing a private message to all our GoldSilver Insiders disclosing what we are doing with our gold and silver investments.

      This could make the difference of millions!

  • How do I become a GoldSilver Insider?

    • There are three ways to become an Insider:

      1.  Purchase 500+ ounces of silver

      2. Purchase 10+ ounces of gold

      3. Purchase the Insider Program outright (membership price only)

      If you are going with option 1 or 2 please note that all the metals do not need to be bought in a single order.

      For a breakdown of all of the benefits of being a GoldSilver Insider click here.

  • How long will it take to get my order?

    • Estimated shipping dates are located on all product pages. Upon full receipt of your payment, orders are normally shipped within 2-4 business days. International orders are shipped within 5-10 business days. 

      Estimated shipping time if chosen method of payment: 

      Personal Checks  - Upon receipt of your check your order will be held for 5 business days. After this time has elapsed then your order is eligible to be shipped dependent upon the estimated shipment date of your order.

      Bank Wire/ Credit Card - Ships 2-4 business days if there is no estimated date given at the time of purchase. 

      *Please note: For faster processing time, we recommend paying by bank wire. 

      You will receive tracking information for your packages via email. If you order multiple products, you may receive separate tracking numbers. 

  • What if the products I order are backordered?

    • If you have ordered a product that is backordered, delivery times will be adjusted accordingly. 

      You will see the backorder status while placing your order, and you will receive an email confirmation, reiterating the backorder status, once the order is submitted.

      Please note at your order and purchase price is guaranteed.
  • What are the shipping, handling and insurance charges?

    • Domestic shipping, handling and insurance is free on all precious metal orders of $499 and over. Precious metal domestic orders with a total under $499 will incur a shipping fee of $24.95 flat rate.

      International shipping charges, copper shipping charges and food shipping charges depend on weight and destination. Click here for a full list of current international shipping charges.

  • Do you ship internationally?

  • How is my order shipped?

    • Your order will be shipped via registered USPS (US mail), UPS, or Federal Express.

      Each package is fully insured and requires a signature upon delivery. 

      Remember, your package is not covered by insurance once it has been signed for. If you have left instructions with any carriers or delivery service to leave parcels unattended or without the need for a signature, you do so at your own risk.

  • My order was shipped USPS, why is it taking so long?

    • USPS registered mail will not provide frequent update on their site. All shipments usually deliver within 5-10 business days of the date the courier accepts the package. 

      For example:

      USPS picks up 3/1/14 6:00pm (expect delivery 3/7-3/14)

      Additional scans will be provided once the package arrives in your state. 

      Delivery time will be within 5 - 10 business days from this date regardless of the scheduled delivery date on the USPS site. 

  • Can you ship my order to a post office box?

    • Yes, only if the shipping address is in the United States.

  • What if I authorize someone else to receive my package?

    • All orders are fully insured until signed. Therefore will not be liable for any loss or damage if the following occurs:

       • You have left instructions with any carriers or delivery service to leave parcels unattended or without the need for a signature

       • You have given instructions to leave your package with someone else such as; a building manager, neighbor, drop-off locations

       • Have specified a delivery address where a third party may sign for your shipment

  • Can I change the shipping address on my order?

    • The shipping address can be changed on a domestic order only. The shipping address change must be requested by emailingyour new shipping address, along with a copy of your photo ID to within 2 business days of placing your order.

      International orders cannot have their shipping address modified after the order is placed.

  • Can I choose a courier?

    • We use 3 major couriers: USPS, UPS and FedEx. Unfortunately, you can not designate a courier. 

  • How are shipping costs calculated?

    • All precious metal domestic orders $499 and over qualify for free shipping. Precious metal domestic orders with a total under $499 will incur a shipping fee of $24.95 flat rate.

      To view shipping costs for international orders please click here.

  • Can my order be held and shipped at a later date?

    • Please contact us immediately if you are unable to receive your order within a certain timeframe. We will do our best to accomodate your request.

  • Why should I buy gold and silver?

    • We believe everyone should have gold and silver in their own private possession, where they can lay their hands on it, because:

      • - They are safe haven investments that rise during economic upheaval, war, terrorism, and natural disaster.
      • - They have a proven track record of performing well in inflation or deflation.
      • - For 5,000 years, gold and silver are the only assets that have never failed.
      • - They are tangible assets of inherent value.
      • - Their purchasing power can never fall to zero.
      • - They are the only financial assets that can be completely private, and not part of the financial system. Even real estate requires the financial system to transfer title. Gold and silver do not.
      • - They are one of the few financial assets that are not simultaneously someone else's liability. Stocks, bonds, and derivatives like futures and options, require the performance of someone else. Even cash requires the performance of the government issuing it. In other words, if a government fails, so too does their currency. Gold and silver never fail.
      • - They can be wholly owned. You can never really own real estate for instance, if you think you can, just try not paying your property taxes for a few years.
  • Does it cost anything to open a account?

    • No. It's free. 

  • Do you have quantity discounts?

    • Yes just click on the "BUY SILVER" or "BUY GOLD" links on our homepage.  The breakdown for each product's price per quantity order is listed on the order form pages.
  • Are there any additional charges?

    • At checkout the only charges that will be added are shipping, handling, and insurance as well as a processing fee for 100% credit card payments.

  • Can I change my order after my order is confirmed?

    • No.  Once the order is confirmed, it is final.

  • Can I cancel my order?

    • No. Once you have submitted your order, has already purchased metals from the wholesale market on your behalf, all prices are locked-in and final, and we have entered into a binding contract.

      However, you may sell your metals back to at prevailing market rates, and will then sell them back to the wholesale market. Should you elect to sell your order back to us, you must do so during normal business hours of 9:00am to 4:45pm Pacific time, Monday through Friday.
  • Why is your price higher than the spot price?

    • Spot price can be thought of as an 'industrial wholesale' price for the metal.  Then the mints have to be paid to change it from this form into the products that investors want, so even dealers can't buy these products at the spot price. 

      The easiest and cheapest products to make are large bars, like 100 oz. silver bars, or one kilo gold bars, so the premiums above spot price for the larger products are usually the lowest.  The premium above spot price typically rises with the smaller products since there is more work involved in producing them.


  • Why are U.S. Eagles and Canadian Maple Leaves so expensive?

    • The U.S. Mint adds what they call 'seigniorage' to all coins they mint. However, you gain back much of the seigniorage when you sell them back to a dealer.

      When purchasing back from retail customers, all dealers typically pay more for Eagles and other legal tender bullion coins over common bullion products.

  • Do you carry other precious metals such as platinum, palladium, or rhodium?

    • No. We at believe that at this critical time in history everyone should have the safety and potential massive gains in purchasing power that only real money (gold and silver) can provide.

      Only gold and silver are money. Platinum, rhodium, and palladium are commodities only.

  • Are my prices locked in when I place my order?

    • Yes.  Once your order is placed your price is now locked in regardless of new price movement.
  • Can I return my order?

    • No. However, you may sell back your order at prevailing rates. Please call in to get a price quote.
  • Do you charge sales tax?

    • There is no sales tax added to our bullion products, because of this we are not able to ship bullion orders under $1500 to California.

  • Do you report my purchase of precious metals to the IRS?

    • No. We are not required to report our sales transactions to the IRS or any other federal, state, or local agencies.
  • Do bullion coins come with a certificate of authenticity?

    • Yes. Each coin or bar carries a statement of weight and fineness that is stamped directly onto it. The coin or bar itself, in effect, bears its own 'certificate'  from whichever mint or refiner produced it.

  • If I buy $10,000 or more of gold or silver, is it reported?

    • No. The $10,000 rule only applies to cash transactions, and does not take cash.  So there is no reporting when you buy.
  • Do I have to report my gold coin purchases to the Government?

    • No. No reporting is required to any federal, state, or local government. 

      For international shipping we always comply with the US Patriot Act.
  • Do I have to pay taxes if I sell my bullion coins for a profit?

    • Yes. If you hold precious metals bullion as an investment, and later sell it at a profit, you will have a taxable gain.  Consult your tax professional for guidance.
  • Do you have a holding period on personal checks?

    • Yes, we hold personal checks for 5 banking days regardless of when they clear prior to shipping. Please note: We do not accept cashier checks or money orders. Checks issued from domestic banks only.

      Bank wires are the fastest form of payment and are always recommended.

  • How do I Bank Wire Transfer funds?

    • Upon placing an order, we will provide you payment instructions via email along with the ABA routing number, bank name and account number. 

      Just print it out, and take it with you to your bank.  They know what to do with it and it is very simple.

      Please make sure that any junk mail filters, or spam filters, have been set to accept emails from

      PLEASE NOTE: Only one bank wire transfer per order is accepted.  Payments cannot be split for multiple orders nor combined to avoid multiple bank wires transfers.  Thank you.

  • When do you require payment for my order?

    • Clients must initiate their full payment within 48 business hours. It may take an additional 24 – 48 hours for to confirm receipt of a payment after it has been transmitted.  All default orders are subject to our market loss policy plus a $475 redemption fee.

  • What form of payment does accept?

    • Bank Wire with a 10% initial payment on credit card (instructions will be emailed).

      Personal check with a 10% initial payment on credit card (instructions will be emailed). A 5 business day hold is placed on all check orders prior to shipment.

      Clients may also prefund their accounts with a bank wire. Please contact our sales department for further details on this.

      Please note: We do not accept cashier checks or money orders. Checks issued from domestic banks only.

  • What credit cards do you accept?

    • For credit card/bank wire combo payments we accept Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express for your 10% down payment.

  • Will you buy back my bullion if the market price goes way up?

    • Absolutely. A dealer's job is to buy from and sell to the public.
  • How do I sell to

    • You can sell silver and/or gold bullion coins and bars by contract to online during operating hours. is a market maker for all gold and silver bullion products we sell online. We always offer our customers live competitive bid prices. Proceeds from your sale of goods will be mailed by check and or executed by bank wire transfer within 3 business days of your shipment’s arrival and verification.

      Customers are providedgiven a confirmation contract number for each sellback contract they enter.
      Customers are emailed a Sellback Document with final transaction details, our shipment address, and final instructions attached. Please include a copy of the SellBack Document with your precious metals shipment.

      Customers are required to login to their account and open the “Sellback Contract”, to enter the carrier and with all parcel(s) tracking number for each parcel within 1 business days of the sellback’s contract inception's .

      Customers who do not comply with this requirement may have their transactions cancelled. Please see our Market Loss Policy (#4) regarding our cancellation terms and agreements.

      Once delivery and verification of your precious metals have been made, you will either be mailed a check or bank wire transferred funds according to our policy and or your choice. and your instructions.

      The total amount of time this process takes spans from a few days to up to 2 weeks dependent upon where your gold and or silver bullion is located and being shipped from.

  • Are there any fees when selling to

    • When completing the sellback process you may select one of the following payment methods which best suits your needs.

      Payment Options for Domestic Sellbacks:

           1. Bank Wire - a $25.00 (USD) fee will be deducted.
           2. Check sent via USPS First Class Mail- No charge.

      Payment Option for International Sellbacks:

           1. Bank Wire - a $25.00 (USD) fee will be deducted.

      Please note that storage fees may be deducted from your sellback if you are behind on your payments or removing all your metals out of storage.

  • When will I receive my payment?

    • Payments are generally released within 3-5 business days after receiving and or once the transfer of title on the contracted precious metals has taken place. 
  • What is the 'Spot Price'?

    • The spot prices for gold and silver are set by millions of traders buying and selling futures contracts, which are contracts to deliver gold or silver at some future date (in other words, gold or silver IOUs).  

      It is also the price that large industrial users and the mints pay before converting gold and silver into the items we carry at
  • Why are U.S. Eagles and Canadian Maple Leaves so expensive?

    • The U.S. Mint adds what they call 'seigniorage' to all coins they mint. However, you gain back much of the seigniorage when you sell them back to a dealer.

      When purchasing back from retail customers, all dealers typically pay more for Eagles and other legal tender bullion coins over common bullion products.

  • How much should I invest into precious metals?

    • That is entirely up to you, but with the current state of the world economy we believe it is extremely important to be invested in the safety of precious metals.

      Michael Maloney believes now is the opportune time to be invested into gold & silver for both protection and growth and puts his money where his mouth is.  He is 100% invested in the precious metals sector.
  • Do you carry other precious metals such as platinum, palladium, or rhodium?

    • No. We at believe that at this critical time in history everyone should have the safety and potential massive gains in purchasing power that only real money (gold and silver) can provide.

      Only gold and silver are money. Platinum, rhodium, and palladium are commodities only.

  • Are bullion coins legal tender?

    • Yes, if they are government issued bullion coins with a face value. 

      The nominal face value allows the coins to travel across national borders with less taxation or fees otherwise imposed by many countries on bullion bars and rounds.
  • How many ounces are in one kilo of gold?

    • Gold is measured in Troy ounces.

      One troy ounce is equal to 31.104 grams.

      1kg of gold = 32.15 troy ounces

  • How big is a case of Silver Eagles - Canadian Maples - Austrian Philharmonics?

    • Canadian Maple Leaf Box Measurement:

      10 in long X  8 in wide X  5 in deep
      25 cm long X 20 cm wide X 12 cm deep
      35 lb or 16 kg roughly

      American Silver Eagle Box Measurement:

      15 in long X 8.5 in wide X 4.5 in deep
      38 cm long X  22 cm wide X  11 cm deep
      35 lb or 16 kg roughly

      Austrian Philharmonic Box Measurement:

      8.5 in long X 8.5 in wide X 4 in deep
      22 cm long X  22 cm wide X  10 cm deep
      35 lb or 16 kg roughly

  • What is a troy ounce?

    • A single troy ounce is equal to 1.097 ounces or 31.104 grams.

  • Can store my gold and/or silver for me?

    • Absolutely! When you purchase gold and silver from, you will be offered the option to storage your new purchase in the vault option of your choice. 

      You can simply select the vault storage option during the checkout process.

  • Am I allowed to visit my precious metals in vault storage?

    • Yes, customers are welcome to visit the vault storage facility where their metals are being stored. Simply email GoldSilver to request an appointment. For your security, you will be required to provide certain security elements to move foward with the appointment. 

      Please note that visitation fees may apply. Currently there are no visitations allowed for the Salt Lake City storage facility.

  • When will my products arrive in storage?

    • Approximately 5-8 business days after your actual ship date.

  • Do I receive any type of documentation once my metals arrive in storage?

    • provides you with a vault storage certificate. This is a certified electronic document confirming your holdings, which is usually sent to you within 2-3 weeks from the time your products arrive at the storage facility. 

  • How do I pay for my storage fees?

    • Payments for the monthly storage fees can be paid by credit card.  Simply log into your account and click the Storage Payments tab to view your storage invoices.

      You can also set up the recurring payment option or pay for storage fees in advance with a bank wire.

  • Can I ship precious metals that I purchased elsewhere to my for storage?

    • Not at this time. Precious metals not shipped directly from a purchase will not be allowed into the master/sub-account storage facilities.

      Please note: Precious metals in your possession may be shipped into a private storage facility (see other vault options). 

  • What are the fees to ship out of vault storage?

    • All standard shipping, handling, and insurance fees are applicable to products that are shipped out of vault storage.

      Domestic shipping, handling, and insurance fees come to .9% of precious metals value.  For example if one was shipping $25,000 worth of gold and silver from vault storage to their home in the United States the shipping, handling, and insurance fees would come to $225.

      If you are shipping holdings out of vault storage internationally your shipping, handling, and insurance fees can be found by clicking this link.
  • Can I personally pick up my metals from vault storage?

    • Yes.  If you are using one of our master/sub-account storage facilities please contact us to schedule your pickup appointment.  Fees may apply for pickup.

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