This Is What Happens When Money Is Corrupted

With so much political crisis in the world of late, we figured that that it was very timely to take a look at this clip from Hidden Secrets of Money. "Out of monetary crisis you very often see the political landscape change dramatically. .....

News January, 2014

Play Video rob kirby - capital markets hallucinating off low interest rates August 29, 2014 - 07:31:29 PDT

Rob Kirby - Capital Markets Hallucinating Off Low Interest Rates

In this podcast, we touched on the subject of repos & reverse repos & the effect it has on the capital market, Gold & Silver market Also, we went in depth on the Federal Reserve & what is their purpose in the market & economy Read More »

ecuador heralds digital currency plans August 29, 2014 - 13:10:08 PDT

Ecuador Heralds Digital Currency Plans

Ecuador is planning to create the world's first government-issued digital currency, which some analysts believe could be a first step toward abandoning the country's existing currency, the U.S. dollar, which the government cannot control. Read More »

comex gold warehouses filling up…with paper August 29, 2014 - 12:37:38 PDT

Comex Gold Warehouses Filling Up…With Paper

since these criminals can (obviously) manufacture this paper in infinite quantities; any & every time we see reports of a sudden plunge in these phantom "inventories", it must mean that the banksters are experiencing another crisis in their fraud... Read More »

rickards says jackson hole exposed yellen’s greatest weakness August 29, 2014 - 12:24:33 PDT

Rickards Says Jackson Hole Exposed Yellen’s Greatest Weakness

When the Fed bubbles burst, the U.S. economy will be thrown deep into its second recession of the long depression it is in. Allocation to Gold will act as good insurance when the bubble bursts & dollar goes in reverse. Read More »

the world economy is collapsing and war becomes inevitable  - martin armstrong August 29, 2014 - 11:56:28 PDT

The world economy is collapsing and war becomes inevitable - Martin Armstrong

We need serious rethinking not to mention & world revision of the global monetary system & an overhaul of global debt outlawing governments from every borrowing again at the national levels. The world will be starkly different after 2032. Read More »

eurozone in crisis as inflation slips to five year low August 29, 2014 - 11:46:31 PDT

Eurozone in crisis as inflation slips to five year low

Analysts have likened Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank, to "Nero fiddling while Rome burns", as the euro area moves closer to deflation Read More »

british columbia, ontario to cooperate on yuan trading hub August 29, 2014 - 11:19:18 PDT

British Columbia, Ontario to cooperate on Yuan trading hub

Financial centers around the globe are vying to establish trading hubs for the yuan. China has already signed agreements to trade the yuan more freely with Singapore, London & Frankfurt as part of an economic restructuring that includes taking st... Read More »

dethrone ‘king dollar’ August 29, 2014 - 11:01:35 PDT

Dethrone ‘King Dollar’

The privilege of having the world’s reserve currency is one America can no longer afford. Read More »

the credit gradient August 29, 2014 - 10:55:48 PDT

The Credit Gradient

They thought they had ended the boom & bust cycle, & brought us into a brave new era, their so-called great moderation that ended in 2008. All they really did was manage the banking system to the brink of insolvency. Read More »

everything you ever wanted to know about shadow banking August 29, 2014 - 10:32:35 PDT

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Shadow Banking

n order to gain a better understanding of these potential risks and how they come to pose a threat, shadow banking expert Laura Kodres from the IMF tells us that forms of shadow banking are “definitely picking up.” Read More »

wall street admits that a cyberattack could crash our banking system at any time August 29, 2014 - 10:27:40 PDT

Wall Street Admits That A Cyberattack Could Crash Our Banking System At Any Time

Wall Street banks are getting hit by cyber attacks every single minute of every single day. It is a massive onslaught that is not highly publicized because the bankers do not want to alarm the public. Read More »

whether you love it or hate it, you’re missing what really matters about bitcoin - casey research August 29, 2014 - 10:14:39 PDT

Whether You Love It or Hate It, You’re Missing What Really Matters About Bitcoin - Casey Research

The ability to utterly bypass the Fed, SWIFT, & the rest of the money monopoly is the answer to a hard-money advocate’s fondest dreams, yet even this isn’t the thing that really matters. Read More »

u.k. wants eu to block russia from swift banking network August 29, 2014 - 10:11:49 PDT

U.K. Wants EU to Block Russia From SWIFT Banking Network

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, known as SWIFT, is one of Russia’s main connections to the international financial system. Prime Minister David Cameron’s government plans to put the topic on the agenda for a meeting o... Read More »

rule rule - i am incredibly bullish on gold and silver August 29, 2014 - 08:12:58 PDT

Rule Rule - I Am Incredibly Bullish On Gold and Silver

I also think that when the metals market gets going in earnest, Silver will outperform Gold on the upside because it tends to move much more violently than Gold does Read More »

how the u.s. is using isis as a pretext for war against syria August 29, 2014 - 08:06:36 PDT

How the U.S. is Using ISIS as a Pretext for War Against Syria

Now Washington’s favorite enemy, ISIS is in the picture. The Obama administration will obviously use this crisis as a way to prepare US forces for a future “blitzkrieg” against Assad’s forces. Read More »

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Do you know where most of the purchasing power in the United States comes from? In addition to reactionary economic policy that drives the printing of new dollars whenever the whim strikes, paper currency extends its reach through fractional reserve banking. In the past, currency had to be borrowed from those who were saving; now, it is stretched to the breaking point. Today, every bank loans out the maximum allowed. When you deposit $10 in a checking account, that bank can loan out all but ten percent. That $9 is passed back into the economy and deposited into another bank; 90 percent of that deposit can again be loaned. Ultimately, a $10 deposit in a checking account creates $100 in fractional currency. A single dollar, in the hands of a modern bank, can become ten or more with fractional reserve lending.

The problem with this type of economic system is that paper currencies always self-destruct. It is worth remembering the mantra: "Cash is trash!" Only precious metals like gold and silver have the ability to adjust their value, and staying up to date on gold investment news properly positions you to be able to protect your wealth. Throughout history, gold and silver automatically revalued to catch up with the changes that have occurred with paper currency, cyclically adjusting based on the amount of currency in existence at any given time. Being attuned to these cycles requires staying on top of gold investment news and picking out the relevant from the noise.

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