Silver Rounds

Investors value silver as a tangible store of wealth over time. Silver rounds typically offer investors the ability to purchase silver bullion at lower premiums than usually found in sovereign minted silver coins. Unlike coins, silver rounds have no face value, but instead derive their value from the metal content of the round itself and sometimes from their limited mintage, popularity, or design. Browse our selection and buy silver rounds online today at GoldSilver.
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It doesn’t matter if you’re a longtime bullion collector or are looking for unique ways to diversify your holdings, silver rounds are the perfect pick. We offer an assortment of unique silver rounds, ranging from popular options from Sunshine Mint, SilverTowne, and others to our very own Modern Ancients silver rounds that are inspired by some of the most renowned coins of antiquity. With so many rare and unique styles, collecting silver rounds is a truly worthy hobby for the modern-day coin lover.

Buying Silver Rounds Online

No matter what form it’s in, gold and silver have been prized by civilizations across the world for thousands of years. Once a sign of status for the wealthy, today silver is available in many forms. Silver serves as a wise investment for anyone who wishes to protect against unstable stock markets, currency dilution, and many other untenable conditions.

Our selection of silver rounds consists of 1 oz, 5 oz, and 10 oz rounds, as well as several fractional weighted rounds. We also offer various stackable silver rounds which are unique due to the fact that they have distinctive, interlocking grooves that allow them to be easily and neatly stacked on top of one another. These rounds have thick, grooved rims that allow them to be piled high without falling over! Explore so many unique and rare silver round designs to add to your collection or portfolio at GoldSilver.

Why Own Silver Rounds?

Silver rounds are attractive because they typically allow investors to purchase silver bullion at premiums generally lower than can be found with silver coins. Further, some rounds come in lower mintages than coins, meaning they may appreciate more than coins due to their rarity. Rounds are an excellent way to diversify your portfolio, express an interest in a culture or symbol, and hold a tangible form of money.

Silver Rounds vs. Silver Coins

Some investors are confused about the difference between silver rounds and coins. Put simply, coins are produced by sovereign mints and carry a face value as legal currency. Sovereign silver coins are struck by government mints around the world. Investors choose them because their purity, quality, and fine metal content is guaranteed by a government, giving them instant credibility. Indeed, silver coins are a fantastic investment.

Rounds, on the other hand, are often produced by private mints and by definition are not legal tender. However, silver rounds are an excellent option for bullion investors because they generally have lower premiums than silver coins, and some may appreciate more so than government minted coins if they have a lower mintage. They also may carry more creative designs and yet maintain the same ease of exchangeability offered by silver coins. They may also be a more affordable investment than silver coins. Typically, for a lower price, you can get a round at the same purity and weight of a silver coin.

GoldSilver has partnered with some of the most reputable mints in the world to produce our own exclusive collection of silver rounds—our Modern Ancients.

Our Exclusive Modern Ancients Collection

Our exclusive collection of Modern Ancients is inspired by the silver currency used by antiquated civilizations like ancient Greece and Rome. All of these Modern Ancients are minted with .999 fine silver.

Our Modern Ancients are “collectible” silver rounds at bullion pricing. They celebrate the prosperity of the great civilizations who used them. Each Modern Ancient brings a coin from antiquity back to life with a contemporary twist and a beautiful design. The collection includes the following rounds:

  • 1 oz Pegasus Silver Round
  • 1 oz Athenian Owl Silver Round
  • 10 oz Athenian Owl Silver Round
  • 1 oz Ajax Silver Round
  • 1 oz Nike Silver Round
  • 1 oz Lion/Bull Silver Round

Interested in investing in collectible, limited-mintage silver rounds? Browse our entire collection of Modern Ancients. And check out this article on the three criteria to look for when buying “collectible” silver.

Buying Silver Rounds with Cryptocurrency

If you’re buying silver rounds online, you may want to consider using your cryptocurrency to execute the transaction. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and LiteCoin offer a convenient way to exchange digital payments, among many other advantages over traditional currencies and payment systems. We also offer a discount when you buy gold rounds with Bitcoin.

We offer our investors the option of using these assets to purchase physical gold and silver via Bitcoin. If you have another coin, many exchanges, such as Coinbase or ShapeShift, allow you transfer into Bitcoin prior to making your purchase.

Looking to get out of cryptos and into a tangible asset? Learn more about purchasing silver rounds with cryptocurrency.

Secure Vault Storage

There is no safer way to store your silver rounds than professional vault storage. Home storage risks your safety as well as your investments. Find peace of mind with 24/7 security at the world’s most secure, commercial, non-bank vaults. We’ve partnered with Brinks to offer secure storage vaults nearby and around the world, including:

  • Salt Lake City, USA
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong

Silver investments in storage can be sold with a few clicks, and funds are available to trade again quickly.

Interested in vault storage? Learn more about our allocated and segregated secure vault storage programs.

Guaranteed Lowest Prices

The price of silver fluctuates constantly in the markets. This can make pricing somewhat challenging for many dealers. But we’ve created a strategy that updates the prices of our silver rounds in real time in accordance with the spot price of silver at the time of purchase. We also have a price match guarantee to match the advertised price of any of our products on the sites of our top competitors.

To learn more about how you can always get the best price on silver bullion from GoldSilver, read about our price match guarantee.

Simple Online Selling

GoldSilver will buy back most bullion products, whether you bought them from us or elsewhere, with competitive prices and an easy-to-use online sales portal—by mail or from storage. If you decide to sell some of your precious metals holdings, you have a ready buyer on standby.

Read more about our sell-back policy, request a quote for your precious metals, or find out why our sell-back policy and storage program are a match made in heaven.

The GoldSilver Difference

At GoldSilver, we pride ourselves on offering investors a world-class education, an investor-friendly product catalog, and a uniquely secure and flexible storage program.

Our educational video series has generated tens of millions of views on YouTube. Our founder, Mike Maloney, is the best-selling author of Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver, the most popular book ever on precious metals investing.

Our catalog is focused on physical precious metals products with the most competitive premiums. We believe these products allow investors to get maximum exposure to gold and silver while increasing potential profits by saving on costs.

And our unique storage program offers allocated and segregated storage options at your choice of global vaults with rapid liquidity.

Together, we believe these features offer an unmatched experience for precious metals investors.

But, don’t take our word for it. See what our investors are saying about us: read our testimonials.