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British Gold Sovereign Coin (2017)

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  • 0.2354 Troy ounce
  • Content
  • 22.05 mm
  • Diameter
  • .916
  • Purity
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2017 marks the 200th anniversary of the British Gold Sovereign, the flagship coin of The Royal Mint.

For two centuries, the British Gold Sovereign Coin has been trusted as a store of value and money through times of change.

Backed by the United Kingdom, this distinctive, unlimited mintage coin contains 0.2354 troy oz of gold and has a purity of 22K (91.6%), the same as a 1/4 oz American Gold Eagle.

Used in circulation decades ago, today the 2017 British Sovereign Coin is prized as an affordable, and divisible gold bullion coin for use as an investment, gift, or small transactions.

The front of the coin, features the patron saint of England, St. George the Dragon Slayer. Designed by Benedetto Pistrucci, St. George first adorned British Sovereign Coins in 1817 and represents the victory of good over evil. This iconography pays homage to the reliefs used in Greco-Roman coins where mounted heroes with lances were an imperial symbol of power.

This photo shows the first British Sovereign Coin of the modern era:

Photo of the First British Gold Sovereign Coin

The inscription “HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE” or “Evil unto him that thinks evil of it” is also displayed along with the 2017 year-date, the first time since 1887 these coins were dated.

Also on the front is a new shield mint mark, placed below the defeated dragon, to signify the 200-year anniversary of the British Gold Sovereign Coin.

The back of the coin, features the fifth definitive portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Jody Clark.

This video gives you an up-close look at the 2017 British Gold Sovereign Coin: 


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