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50 Gram Valcambi Gold CombiBar

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  Wire / Check Credit card / PayPal
1 - 4 $2,159.71 $2,246.10
5 - 9 $2,157.71 $2,244.02
10 or more $2,155.71 $2,241.94

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  • 0.85mm
  • Thickness
  • .9999
  • Purity
  • $1,950.81 USD
  • Sellback Price
  • Ships within 2 - 4 business days
    (Excluding International Orders)
Valcambi has exclusive licence to produce the innovative 50 gram Gold CombiBar which comprises 50 detachable 1 gram gold bars. The gold bar is known as a CombiBar and it is designed to facilitate the gifting or exchanging of small amounts of gold, either as a 50 gram gold bar, or as a small group of 1 gram bars, or as 50 separate 1 gram Gold bars.
The size of a credit card, the 50 gram gold CombiBars (1.607 oz) are easily broken into one gram pieces, each 1 gram gold piece has its hallmark and purity individually stamped, making them easy to identify.
Each breakable gold CombiBar comes with a unique serial code, including 2 letters and 6 numbers stamped on the bar, plus a serial numbered certificate.
The Valcambi Gold CombiBar offers clients an unique opportunity to buy 1 gram Gold bars close to gold spot prices.Valcambi strikes the gold CombiBar in the DIN A8 format, meeting the highest optical standards, thereby guaranteeing investors the best quality gold bullion products. These new gold bars can easily be broken into “micro gold bars” with no loss of metal during separation, the CombiBar gives investors more choices to manage their physical gold holdings. IRA Accepted.
PLEASE NOTE: GoldSilver makes a 2 way market for whole unbroken Valcambi Gold CombiBars. Broken Valcambi Gold CombiBars can be sold at our unpublished gold scrap bid price.


Storage Information

Brink's Global Services USA Inc. (Salt Lake City)
Brink's Canada Ltd.
Brink's Singapore Ltd.
Brink's Hong Kong Ltd.
Brink's Salt Lake City Ltd.


39.5 Basis Points Annual
Account Value X 0.000329 billed per month
Minimum $ 35 per month
( whichever is greater )


48.5 Basis Points Annual
Account Value X 0.000404 billed per month
Minimum $ 35 per month
( whichever is greater )

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