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Asahi Silver Bar (100 oz)

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1 - 4 $1,929.10
5 or more $1,919.05

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  • 100 Troy ounces
  • Content
  • .999
  • Purity
  • $1,784.80 USD
  • Sellback Price
  • Ships within 2 - 4 business days
    (Excluding International Orders)

Johnson Matthey is now Asahi Refining. Asahi Refinery and Assay Office recently acquired Johnson Matthey Refining, and has assumed the production of these 100 oz silver bars. Each poured 100 oz Asahi silver bar was manufactured with .999 fine silver. Asahi Assayers and Refiners owns and operates an IRA approved mint (ISO9001). The ISO9001 certification guarantees the metal weight and purity of each 100 oz silver bar, and ensures that each has been manufactured with the industry’s highest standards of production quality. 

The obverse of the 100 oz Asahi Silver Bar features the Asahi Assayers Refiners SLC logo at the top, and the logo of the Asahi Assay Office at the bottom. “100 OZ”, and “999” are also stamped on the obverse of the bar. The reverse of the bar is smooth.

Each 100 oz Asahi Silver Bar measures approximately 6.5 inches long x 2.5 inches wide x 1.25 inches in depth and because these are poured [silver bars], there will be minor variations in the exact shape of each bar. Though shape may vary, the value of this silver bar will not.

Their size and shape allows for great efficiency of vault or safe storage. The Asahi 100 Oz Silver Bar allows for investors to get more silver for their dollar because you are buying in bulk. 


-  The Asahi 100 Oz Silver Bar has a lower premium over spot giving investors more silver per dollar.

- The Asahi 100 Oz Silver Bar has its world renown hallmark, .999 purity, and 100 ounce content stamped directly on the bar.

- The Asahi 100 oz Silver Bar has its high value characteristics stamped in English.


Storage Information

Brink's Global Services USA Inc. (Salt Lake City)
Brink's Canada Ltd.
Brink's Singapore Ltd.
Brink's Hong Kong Ltd.
Brink's Salt Lake City Ltd.


39.5 Basis Points Annual
Account Value X 0.000329 billed per month
Minimum $ 35 per month
( whichever is greater )


48.5 Basis Points Annual
Account Value X 0.000404 billed per month
Minimum $ 35 per month
( whichever is greater )

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Shipping Available for United States Only

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