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Bail In Or Bail Out...What's The Difference? Mike Maloney

Dan Rubock - 
NOV 12, 2014

"Just the term 'bail in' is a lie. This is something that is a marketing tool to basically...cover up a theft." - Mike Maloney

If you'd like to watch the whole film, you can rent or buy the film online using this link and discount code for 30%:  "maloney-rent" and "maloney-buy"

From the film's press release: 

From award-winning filmmaker Tim Delmastro comes a new film about the excessive and sometimes

absurd laws governing daily life in America today.

Why is raw milk illegal to buy or sell, but not to consume? How are some drugs classified as safe by

the FDA without any independent testing? And why is the government so eager to bail out some failing


Recently featured on Fox Business, Freedom From Choice is a feature length documentary film that

explores the endless layers of backroom dealing that is the US lobbying industry. Through a series of

thought provoking interviews, experts from numerous industries explain in simple terms how the

political 'revolving door' creates unfair regulations which affect their industry. Supplemented by recent

news clips and archival footage, the experts paint a startling picture of the overregulation of modern

American life.

Freedom From Choice features several industry leaders in many important aspects of our lives,

including farmer and best-selling author Joel Salatin (Food Inc.), renowned money manager Peter

Schiff, trend forecaster Gerald Celente, food and drug attorney Jonathan Emord and Allen St. Pierre,

Executive Director of NORML.

A humorous and occasionally troubling look at the laws we live by, Freedom From Choice is a film not

about the choices we make, but rather the choices that are being made for us.