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Big Government = Less Prosperity

Dan Rubock - 
MAY 28, 2014

Big government creates less individual freedom because the larger a government is, the more everybody says "Well I've got an idea...we can prevent this from happening by passing a law against that, and we can encourage this by passing this law". So there are all these 'great' ideas that people have that they think are going to fix things and make the economy better...but after a while you find out that you've got limited choice, that the your life is being managed, that you can't do the things that you want to do. 

The private sector is what creates an economy, not the government. All wealth comes from the private sector. Government consumes it.  

The larger the size and of the government compared to the size of the private economy, the worse the economy gets. So anytime somebody says "They ought to pass a law against this!" or "They ought to pass a law against that!", or "The government needs to rush in and save us against this or that!", what you're doing is hiring a bunch of people that are going to have frictional jobs that do not create wealth. They don't add to the economy and they get paid by extracting wealth from the private economy. 

So our prosperity falls with increasing size of government, it rises with a decreasing size of government.

Simple as that.

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