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Silver & Gold - The Biggest Lessons of Money

Dan Rubock - 
NOV 7, 2013

Episode 4 of Hidden Secrets of Money has fast become the world’s  most viral economics video, punching through 1 million views as you read this,  in just three weeks. Thank you to everyone who has shared the episode, we didn’t expect such a huge response and we will be forever grateful for your gigantic efforts with social media to get this important message in front of so many people.

‘The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind’ has introduced a lot of new folks to the Hidden Secrets of Money series, so to those of you who are new – welcome, and thank you for dropping by.

After viewing most of the recent comments and discussions on our website, Facebook, and YouTube channels…one thing has become abundantly clear – the average person is still having a hard time identifying the difference between currency and money. This is the core concept that will allow you to see through the smoke and mirrors of our financial system, so our best advice at this stage is to return to Episode 1 and start fresh. There you will find some crucial lessons to be learned that will make future episodes easier to comprehend.

To cater for the influx of new viewers who arrived via Episode 4, I’m glad to announce that we’ve shifted the order of the series. Episode 5 was actually going to be based around the Roman Empire, but we’ve now decided to push forward with something that was intended to come at the end of the series. The reasoning is that this special episode will act as a kind of ‘crash course’ in what we’ve learned thus far, as well as showing Mike’s theories from the perspective of a Central Bank. For new folks - this episode will be a revelation. 

Yes, Mike Maloney was let loose in a Central Bank Monetary Museum for 45 minutes, and we filmed the whole thing. We even filmed their explanation of the ‘Mandrake Mechanism’ – which is the name G. Edward Griffin gave to the system of currency creation that we covered in Episode 4.  Strap in for this one! We’ll have a preview for you next week. Until then, enjoy Mike’s interview with Jay Taylor which will also bring you up to speed with what we are trying to accomplish here:

To enlighten the world that maximum prosperity can only be achieved through individual freedom, free markets, and sound money.

Thanks again for your wonderful help, see you next week.


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