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This Is What Happens When Money Is Corrupted

Dan Rubock - 
AUG 26, 2014

With so much political crisis in the world of late, we figured that that it was very timely to take a look at this clip from Hidden Secrets of Money. 

"Out of monetary crisis you very often see the political landscape change dramatically. It's the middle class of a country that defines the country with their vote, they are the largest sector of any country...about 70%. A currency crisis like a hyperinflation wipes out and impoverishes the middle class, and they become filled with fear. And it's very easy for someone to come in and prey on that fear - dictators arise out of hyperinflation. And this is one of my greatest fears as far as the United States goes. I think that we all have to be very careful and very watchful for what happens in the future." 

- Michael Maloney