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gold traders’ report - march 26, 2019 March 26, 2019 - 12:19:01 PDT

Gold Traders’ Report - March 26, 2019

Gold retraced most of its gain from yesterday, declining in a range of $1312.70 - $1322.25. Some sell stops were hit below $1320 (3/21 high), $1317 (3/20 high), $1315 (3/22 high), and $1314 (50% retracement of down move from 2/20 $1347 high... Read More »

central banks double down on gold March 26, 2019 - 13:34:44 PDT

Central Banks Double Down On Gold

As economic uncertainty continues to grow, major world powers are scrambling to increase their gold reserves, and Russia is leading the charge Read More »

central banks shouldn't fight deflation March 26, 2019 - 12:55:48 PDT

Central Banks Shouldn't Fight Deflation

Currently we can observe a general slowdown in the annual growth rate in price inflation across major countries around the world. For instance the yearly growth rate of the US consumer price index (CPI) fell to 1.5% in February from 1.6% in January a... Read More »

the most splendid housing bubbles in america deflate further March 26, 2019 - 12:54:53 PDT

The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in America Deflate Further

San Francisco Bay Area House prices -4.3%, condos -5.7% since July, Seattle house prices -5.9%, most since Housing Bust 1; Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Portland, New York condos, Boston decline.… Read More »

jeffrey p. snider: a river in egypt March 26, 2019 - 12:51:10 PDT

Jeffrey P. Snider: A River In Egypt

No, no, no. Everything is awesome. The denials have spread faster than the market prices have changed. Read More »

can anything stop the next global recession? March 26, 2019 - 09:27:09 PDT

Can anything stop the next global recession?

IMF warns emergency tool kit that pulled global economy out of 2008 financial crisis might not work a second time... Read More »

global strain stirs boj debate of more easing in march March 26, 2019 - 09:26:41 PDT

Global Strain Stirs BOJ Debate of More Easing in March

“In the current situation where downside risks are materializing, the BOJ should be prepared to make policy responses,” Read More »

life after ecb's 'super mario' unnerves global investors March 26, 2019 - 09:09:54 PDT

Life After ECB's 'Super Mario' Unnerves Global Investors

"Whatever it takes" is a daunting legacy for any departing central banker... Read More »

evans sees lessons from 1998 rate cuts for fed policy this year March 26, 2019 - 09:05:29 PDT

Evans Sees Lessons from 1998 Rate Cuts for Fed Policy This Year

U.S. money markets are now priced for more than half a percentage point of easing over the next two years, and yields on U.S. 10-year Treasury notes have fallen below those on 3-month bills for the first time since 2007 Read More »

unfunded liabilities of state pension plans now total $5.9 trillion+ March 26, 2019 - 08:25:39 PDT

Unfunded Liabilities of State Pension Plans Now Total $5.9 Trillion+

Unfunded liabilities in public pension plans continue to loom over state governments nationwide. If net pension assets are determined... Read More »

it just became easier for employers to dump retirees' pensions March 26, 2019 - 07:54:59 PDT

It Just Became Easier for Employers to Dump Retirees' Pensions

With no fanfare in early March, the Treasury Department issued a notice that allows employers to buy out current retirees from their pensions with a one-time lump sum payment. Read More »

will social security be gone by the time i retire? March 26, 2019 - 07:22:21 PDT

Will Social Security Be Gone by the Time I Retire?

It is a question that I am seeing more and more, and the answers get worse and worse... Read More »

consumer confidence: the current situation crashes most since oct. 2008 March 26, 2019 - 07:11:18 PDT

Consumer Confidence: The Current Situation Crashes Most Since Oct. 2008

This is the biggest monthly collapse in 'Present Situation' since October 2008 to its lowest since April 2018... Read More »

the american dream: millennials just can't afford it March 26, 2019 - 06:42:27 PDT

The American Dream: Millennials Just Can't Afford It

The homeownership rate for the largest generation in U.S. history is lower than that of their parents and grandparents at the same age... Read More »

silver bullion is cheaper than dirt March 26, 2019 - 03:46:13 PDT

Silver Bullion Is Cheaper Than Dirt

Join Mike Maloney as he reviews why the #1 asset in his own portfolio is silver bullion. Which as you'll see from this video, is selling for not much more than the cost to get it out of the dirt it comes from. Read More »

Having the Latest Gold Investment News at Your Fingertips Protects Your Wealth

Do you know where most of the purchasing power in the United States comes from? In addition to reactionary economic policy that drives the printing of new dollars whenever the whim strikes, paper currency extends its reach through fractional reserve banking. In the past, currency had to be borrowed from those who were saving; now, it is stretched to the breaking point. Today, every bank loans out the maximum allowed. When you deposit $10 in a checking account, that bank can loan out all but ten percent. That $9 is passed back into the economy and deposited into another bank; 90 percent of that deposit can again be loaned. Ultimately, a $10 deposit in a checking account creates $100 in fractional currency. A single dollar, in the hands of a modern bank, can become ten or more with fractional reserve lending.

The problem with this type of economic system is that paper currencies always self-destruct. It is worth remembering the mantra: "Cash is trash!" Only precious metals like gold and silver have the ability to adjust their value, and staying up to date on gold investment news properly positions you to be able to protect your wealth. Throughout history, gold and silver automatically revalued to catch up with the changes that have occurred with paper currency, cyclically adjusting based on the amount of currency in existence at any given time. Being attuned to these cycles requires staying on top of gold investment news and picking out the relevant from the noise.

News on gold and silver can also help you pinpoint the right moments to buy and sell precious metals, allowing you to have an active role in your wealth management and financial protection efforts.™ is a cycles investors with expertise in measuring both past and current gold markets and silver markets. We provide the latest breaking gold and silver news that will position you to be ready to take immediate advantage of wealth protection opportunities as they arise.

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