Gerald Celente on Old-Man Europe, Romney & Sons, and a Golden Summer

Russia Today / Capital Accounts
JUNE 26, 2012

The interview with Gerald Celente starts at min 3:00

Celente addresses the following questions from Lauren Lyster:

-Is the Euro doomed to implode? 

Answer: It's a bigger issue than that- it's iffy for the Euro…this is the "whole banking system collapsing world wide". Their going to keep trying to do something and who knows for how long.

-Germany is calling the shots and do they have the credibility to be in this position?

Answer: It's a much bigger issue… China is contracting…India went from 9% to 5% growth…Europe and USA are China's biggest importers, with a slow down…there will be a continuous cascading effect with bigger headlines. 

-Are you still bullish on gold?

Answer:   Yes, why bother getting into the dollar. My friend buys gold every month…it's a great plan. The numbers are terrible and there is no way out!

Eventually, you're going to see social unrest never seen in our lifetime.

-Do you think we will see gold rise like last year?

Yes, but I don't believe it is a bubble. The whole world can now buy gold…the entire world is worried about the finances of the world.  And no one has the answers and it is not fixable. 

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