The US dollar has Cancer - Mike Maloney
NOVEMBER 07, 2013

All you can do is play the hand you are dealt.

This is not going to be pretty. When it happens, it is not going to be good for most people. It's only going to be good for a few.  Those who hold physical gold and silver.

Historically this has happened throughout pockets of the world. Weimar Germany and recently Zimbabwe are two obvious examples, but in these particular currency crisis, the US dollar was a way out. This upcoming monetary crisis will be different. 

This time the world reserve currency, the US dollar, has the illness and according to Mike Maloney, the US dollar has terminal cancer and its illness is spreading to every single fiat currency the world over.

Mike Maloney will be presenting at the upcoming Casey Research Summit The Next Few Years in Boca Raton, Florida along with James G. Rickards, John Williams, Chris Whalen, Doug Casey, and more!