What will the next asset class be after this gold bull market?

NOVEMBER 07, 2013

Mike Maloney discusses a basket of indicators he will be using to time the selling of his gold and silver bullion.  He believes high dividend yield stocks and or real estate are two potential asset classes he may be moving into, his choice dependent upon what his proprietary investment indicators reflect.

Mike mentions by the time this gold and silver bull market has run its course, it's possible that real estate may be cash flowing on the order of some 15 to 20%.  He also mentions that it will be difficult for most investors in the future to qualify for mortgage loans, only highly capitalized investors will have the opportunity to benefit in this future scenario. 

Perhaps a high percentage of these folks will have had the foresight to acquire silver and gold bullion before a currency crisis comes to fruition.

Anyone paying attention to the economics of today's world can understand that physical silver and gold bullion make sense to hold and acquire.  That being said, the most difficult part of being a silver and gold bullion investor is knowing when to liquidate. 

In the eventual, emotional high of a mania, it will certainly help to have trusted investors alongside helping one to stay as objective as possible and hopefully time one's investing transition correctly.  This is what we are striving to do for our customers, our GoldSilver Insiders.  This is a critical difference between us and every other gold and silver dealer out there.

Today's current gold and silver bull market has a long way to go to the upside!  We are continuing to acquire physical silver and gold bullion right now as we believe these precious metals are still heavily undervalued versus other asset classes. 

In the future, GoldSilver.com customers, our Insiders, will receive Mike Maloney's Exit Strategy as he moves his capital into other undervalued assets.  We encourage everyone to join us in what we believe will be the greatest wealth transfer in history!