Your Savings Are Not Safe in The Big Banks

PublicBankingTV - Ellen Brown
SEPTEMBER 13, 2013



People in the U.S.A. think that their savings are safe in the big banks because the FDIC will supposedly protect their deposits. This assumption is not based on the facts. This video will show official government documents that describe the plans for confiscating bank deposits when, (not if) the big banks fail. Individual, as well as public funds from municipal, university, county deposits are at serious risk.

Your bank deposits can disappear in the next crisis! Public officials in charge of taxpayer funds need to be aware of the dangers here. The loss of taxpayer funds and the inability to meet payrolls and obligations will certainly prompt a response that will be both immediate and forceful.


This video may also be useful to present to public officials to inform them of the dangers of losing public funds under their care.

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