The Big Picture For Gold and Silver

The failure of a monetary system is never a smooth road paved with gold. It is rocky & undulating, with twists & turns that don't appear on any map. But the destination is always without question: Gold always accounts for an expanding fiat currency s...

Play Video david morgan - us dollar is the last stop before gold and silver spike September 22, 2014 - 07:25:33 PDT

David Morgan - US Dollar is the Last Stop Before Gold and Silver Spike

This is the big picture, & I see how things narrow down & why precious metals are so important in today’s financial system.” Read More »

why silver is a classic buying opportunity September 22, 2014 - 17:18:02 PDT

Why Silver Is A Classic Buying Opportunity

Bloomberg’s Olivia Sterns and Joe Deaux, examine the Silver trade & the factors that could drive the price higher. Read More »

silver and gold – current price is the story September 22, 2014 - 17:08:35 PDT

Silver and Gold – Current Price Is The Story

Here, weak-handed sellers & stops are being triggered, & it is strong hands that are buying, strong hands that generate the exceptionally high volume. What does this mean for holders of the physical? More buying opportunities. Read More »

the silver paradox in one chart September 22, 2014 - 17:09:39 PDT

The Silver Paradox In One Chart

In the meantime, the retail silver investor, as indicated by the Silver ETF flows, appears to be taking advantage of the lower price environment to accumulate additional metal. This Is Also True In The Silver Coin & Bar Market. Read More »

despite pressure, is silver ready to turn mega-bullish September 22, 2014 - 17:11:32 PDT

Despite Pressure, Is Silver Ready To Turn Mega-Bullish

Always remember, those who manipulate the price of Gold & Silver always want you to sell when you should buy & vice versa. So Now Is The Time To Be Accumulating Physical Silver, Not Selling It.” Read More »

this is why china russia and china are now September 22, 2014 - 17:13:41 PDT

This Is Why China Russia and China Are Now "The Enemy"

The suppression of gold prices is essential at all costs to the Anglo-American banking interests. The saber rattling & attempts to lure Russia & China into military conflict are about who controls the financial world.Russia & China keep a... Read More »

russia central bank buys more gold and builds bilateral trade with china September 22, 2014 - 17:15:26 PDT

Russia Central Bank Buys More Gold and Builds Bilateral Trade With China

As Russian central bank buys more Gold in August, ever-closer trade ties will make them strong players in any future Global Currency Realignment. Read More »

supply and demand - untangling the market’s greatest mystery September 22, 2014 - 17:16:37 PDT

Supply and Demand - Untangling the Market’s Greatest Mystery

Over the last ten years, the “collectibles” market has produced a fantastic return for investors. According to the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index, classic cars are up 550%, coins & stamps are up 350%, and fine wine and art are up 300%, wit... Read More »

copper vs silver manipulation - the tale of two metals September 22, 2014 - 17:03:29 PDT


At some point, the LIGHT will go off & the world will wake up to the fact that GOLD & SILVER are stores of value & not stupid pieces of metal regurgitated by the NITWITS on the financial media. Unfortunately, there won’t be much silver to... Read More »

rigged gold price distorts perception of economic reality — paul craig roberts and dave kranzler September 22, 2014 - 16:57:39 PDT

Rigged Gold Price Distorts Perception of Economic Reality — Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler

Gold serves as a warning for aware people that financial and economic trouble are brewing. For instance, from the period of time just before the tech bubble collapsed (January 2000) until just before the collapse of Bear Stearns triggered the Great F... Read More »

pension funds being taken to fund infrastructure September 22, 2014 - 16:15:36 PDT

Pension Funds Being Taken To Fund Infrastructure

Obama’s idea of a Global Infrastructure Initiative to increase quality investment in infrastructure is merely to displace government spending with using pension money. In this manner, government will not have to do the work & hopefully any tax in... Read More »

obama defends goldman sachs and derivatives demand eu include them in free trade and cannot regulate us banks September 22, 2014 - 16:12:20 PDT

Obama Defends Goldman Sachs and Derivatives Demand EU Include them in Free Trade and Cannot Regulate US Banks

The NY banks still rule the courts & the White House. They demand to be excluded from any European regulation while selling their product in Europe. Such a requirement would be a huge mistake if they win. The next meltdown may lead to war. Read More »

two estimations of chinese gold demand September 22, 2014 - 15:32:12 PDT

Two Estimations of Chinese Gold Demand

But no matter how one looks at it, there was a profound change in the metals markets around 2006, & that it is somehow involved with what has been called a 'currency war.' As it has done in the past, the nature of the global reserve currency sys... Read More »

beware of int’l financiers and global dirigisme September 22, 2014 - 15:13:03 PDT

Beware of Int’l Financiers and Global Dirigisme

The crony currency club cabal’s overriding self serving interests are supposedly paramount to us all. Yet, this rapacious international banking cartel has no allegiance other then unto its own avarice. Read More »

french farmers set tax office on fire – demise of europe September 22, 2014 - 15:05:31 PDT

French Farmers Set Tax Office On Fire – Demise of Europe

We are watching the decline & fall of Europe thanks to a completely failed policy & idea of creating a single currency without a single government – just insane. Read More »

Having the Latest Gold Investment News at Your Fingertips Protects Your Wealth

Do you know where most of the purchasing power in the United States comes from? In addition to reactionary economic policy that drives the printing of new dollars whenever the whim strikes, paper currency extends its reach through fractional reserve banking. In the past, currency had to be borrowed from those who were saving; now, it is stretched to the breaking point. Today, every bank loans out the maximum allowed. When you deposit $10 in a checking account, that bank can loan out all but ten percent. That $9 is passed back into the economy and deposited into another bank; 90 percent of that deposit can again be loaned. Ultimately, a $10 deposit in a checking account creates $100 in fractional currency. A single dollar, in the hands of a modern bank, can become ten or more with fractional reserve lending.

The problem with this type of economic system is that paper currencies always self-destruct. It is worth remembering the mantra: "Cash is trash!" Only precious metals like gold and silver have the ability to adjust their value, and staying up to date on gold investment news properly positions you to be able to protect your wealth. Throughout history, gold and silver automatically revalued to catch up with the changes that have occurred with paper currency, cyclically adjusting based on the amount of currency in existence at any given time. Being attuned to these cycles requires staying on top of gold investment news and picking out the relevant from the noise.

News on gold and silver can also help you pinpoint the right moments to buy and sell precious metals, allowing you to have an active role in your wealth management and financial protection efforts.™ is a cycles investors with expertise in measuring both past and current gold markets and silver markets. We provide the latest breaking gold and silver news that will position you to be ready to take immediate advantage of wealth protection opportunities as they arise.

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