Comex Consultant Says Individuals Buying All The Gold They Can

In a wrap up of a panel discussion at the recent Cambridge House conference, Comex Consultant Michael Berry reveals that individuals are buying as much gold as they possibly can. Michael Maloney will be speaking at the next Cambridge House conference...

grant williams - collapse of western ponzi scheme to send gold skyrocketing April 23, 2014 - 06:00:25 PDT

Grant Williams - Collapse Of Western Ponzi Scheme To Send Gold Skyrocketing

At some point this disparity between paper prices and physical demand is going to resolve itself, and when it does it will mean an explosion of the gold price to the upside. Read More »

Play Video ellen brown - banks will take deposits in the coming financial meltdown, libor rate rigging and more April 23, 2014 - 06:15:50 PDT

Ellen Brown - Banks Will Take Deposits in the Coming Financial Meltdown, LIBOR Rate Rigging and More

Can bank bail-ins come to America? Ellen Brown of the Web-of-Debt blog says, "It could, & I think it will." "They don't have any alternative if they are going to keep these banks alive. This is the solution: They just knock down the liabilities, ... Read More »

dead-cat bounce over for the housing market? April 23, 2014 - 12:24:11 PDT

Dead-Cat Bounce Over for the Housing Market?

What we have seen in the housing market since then, but mostly since 2012, in my opinion, is nothing more than a dead-cat bounce scenario—an increase in prices after a massive decline. The chart below shows how far off we are from the housing prices ... Read More »

the global economy - what will break the camel’s back this year April 23, 2014 - 12:17:00 PDT

The Global Economy - What Will Break the Camel’s Back This Year

There’s a perfect storm brewing for the global economy. The optimistic prediction by the IMF of growth, dear reader, will eventually be lowered (this happened last year & the year before that, too—it’s nothing new to us). Read More »

the fed’s paint-by-the numbers money printing is a fraud - perhaps the numbers are, too April 23, 2014 - 11:45:53 PDT

The Fed’s Paint-By-The Numbers Money Printing Is A Fraud - Perhaps The Numbers Are, Too

There’s a pattern of falsifying statistics throughout the entire Census Bureau. & anyone who attempts to blow the whistle on the fraud is either retaliated against or ignored, according to two new sources who have experienced the process firsthan Read More »

russia warns west April 23, 2014 - 11:14:49 PDT

Russia Warns West "Remove Forces" - Begins Military Exercise On Ukraine Border

With both sides appearing to have entirely un-de-escalated and the truce deal now a thing of the past (besides a few hundred Dow points), the Russians are speaking up today - and are not happy: Read More »

wall street greed not too big for a california jury - ellen brown April 23, 2014 - 10:59:25 PDT

Wall Street Greed Not Too Big for a California Jury - Ellen Brown

Sixteen of the world’s largest banks have been caught colluding to rig global interest rates. Why are we doing business with a corrupt global banking cartel? Read More »

how america's big banks are begging for the next financial crisis April 23, 2014 - 10:49:52 PDT

How America's Big Banks Are Begging for the Next Financial Crisis

The Volcker Rule is supposed to ban the banks from making hazardous and speculative trades. But the big banks are begging for the chance to make the same kind of moves that got us into the 2008 global credit crisis, one of the worst in the modern wor... Read More »

breakfast costs poised to increase as coffee and oj surge April 23, 2014 - 10:35:38 PDT

Breakfast Costs Poised to Increase as Coffee and OJ Surge

Another day, another indication that 'real' inflation - the kind that reduces standards of living & leeches away purchasing power for 'real' people - is anything but under control... and anything but stable. With the Oz-ians in the Eccles Buildin... Read More »

the central banks have realized their worst nightmares are approaching April 23, 2014 - 10:18:05 PDT

The Central Banks Have Realized Their Worst Nightmares Are Approaching

Central Bankers will never openly admit that they or their policies have failed. Moreover, they do not rush into sudden tightening. But one can begin to notice subtle changes in their language & actions that indicate they have noticed what’s happ... Read More »

china challenges obama’s asia pivot with rapid military buildup April 23, 2014 - 08:22:30 PDT

China Challenges Obama’s Asia Pivot With Rapid Military Buildup

China expert at the Center for Strategic & International Studies. “There’s a widely held view in the region that the U.S.-China relationship is tipping toward being much more confrontational.” Read More »

this is how empires collapse - charles hugh smith April 23, 2014 - 07:48:30 PDT

This Is How Empires Collapse - Charles Hugh Smith

This is how empires collapse: one complicit participant at a time. Before an empire collapses, it first erodes from within. Read More »

china - increasing risks for nation’s banking industry April 23, 2014 - 07:41:43 PDT

China - Increasing Risks For Nation’s Banking Industry

China’s bad-loan ratio rose “significantly” in the first quarter, increasing risks for the nation’s banking industry, according to the nation’s largest manager of soured debt. Read More »

new home sales collapse to 8 month lows April 23, 2014 - 07:30:43 PDT

New Home Sales Collapse To 8 Month Lows

This is a 7 standard deviation miss against the smart economists' estimates! that when the free-money sponsored fast money leaves the game that real people with real debt & real wages are simply priced out of buying a new home? Read More »

us pmi drops, misses by most in 8 months April 23, 2014 - 07:23:34 PDT

US PMI Drops, Misses By Most In 8 Months

Sadly the story gets worse, "on the inflation front, manufacturers experienced a further solid increase in average cost burdens in April," adding that pricing pressures, "will feed fears that the recovery remains on a weak foundation of intense price... Read More »

Having the Latest Gold Investment News at Your Fingertips Protects Your Wealth

Do you know where most of the purchasing power in the United States comes from? In addition to reactionary economic policy that drives the printing of new dollars whenever the whim strikes, paper currency extends its reach through fractional reserve banking. In the past, currency had to be borrowed from those who were saving; now, it is stretched to the breaking point. Today, every bank loans out the maximum allowed. When you deposit $10 in a checking account, that bank can loan out all but ten percent. That $9 is passed back into the economy and deposited into another bank; 90 percent of that deposit can again be loaned. Ultimately, a $10 deposit in a checking account creates $100 in fractional currency. A single dollar, in the hands of a modern bank, can become ten or more with fractional reserve lending.

The problem with this type of economic system is that paper currencies always self-destruct. It is worth remembering the mantra: "Cash is trash!" Only precious metals like gold and silver have the ability to adjust their value, and staying up to date on gold investment news properly positions you to be able to protect your wealth. Throughout history, gold and silver automatically revalued to catch up with the changes that have occurred with paper currency, cyclically adjusting based on the amount of currency in existence at any given time. Being attuned to these cycles requires staying on top of gold investment news and picking out the relevant from the noise.

News on gold and silver can also help you pinpoint the right moments to buy and sell precious metals, allowing you to have an active role in your wealth management and financial protection efforts.™ is a cycles investors with expertise in measuring both past and current gold markets and silver markets. We provide the latest breaking gold and silver news that will position you to be ready to take immediate advantage of wealth protection opportunities as they arise.

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