Three Reasons You Must Replace Some of Your Bonds with Gold and Silver

I listened to a local financial radio show a few weeks back, where the hosts extolled the virtues of bonds, particularly US treasuries. The advisors are very mainstream, so they saw no use for gold. One of my first thoughts was, “Wow, investors who follow this advice will get hurt!” Some of you have asked me what you can say to your family and friends about gold, to convince them to buy. Well, here’s something you can give them… a letter that factually compares treasuries and gold. It shows why it is crucial they diversify into gold now.

Aug 23, 2016 - 04:54:18 PDT

Fed's Facebook Disaster

"It enslaves us and future generations..." -- Mike MaloneyThis week, the Fed launched a disastrous PR campaign - their very own Facebook page. And the comments have been pouring in! In this video, Mike weighs in on this nightmare and reminds us of the evil system the Fed created that transfers wealth from us to the banking system. Be sure to watch episode 4 of Mike's hit YouTube series the Hidden Secrets of Money to learn exactly how the Fed pulls off this scam. Even if you've seen it before, it's worth a second viewing.

Aug 29, 2016 - 14:30:37 PDT

Central Banks Hit the Panic Button

Michael Covel reveals what has the world’s central bankers in a state of fear.

Aug 29, 2016 - 14:25:09 PDT

Money Smuggling v Money Laundering

This is why hoards of coins are still found buried in the ground in all cultures from all centuries. This is what happens with the collapse in the confidence of government.

Aug 29, 2016 - 13:14:20 PDT

The 11 Bone-Chilling Things I Gleaned from Yellen’s Chart

Who says the Fed can’t have fun at our expense?

Aug 29, 2016 - 12:36:06 PDT

Dark Dynamics

James Howard Kunstler shows you why our debt-based economy, which the Deep State depends upon, is collapsing around us.

Aug 29, 2016 - 12:05:46 PDT

One World Currency introduced by The Cartel - Settlement Coin

Well, it finally happened. Mark your calendars for the year 2016 as 'the year' a real One World Currency has been announced. But don't worry - MONEY DOESN'T EXIST.

Aug 29, 2016 - 11:59:11 PDT

Negative rates are best stimulus option, Fed officials told at Jackson Hole

But there is one giant hurdle. The value of paper currency must float in order for the policy to work.That’s a sea-change in policy akin to the U.S. going off the gold standard.

Aug 29, 2016 - 11:45:25 PDT

Is The Fed About To Help Out Gold Investors?

San Francisco Fed President John Williams came out really dovish the other day. Translated, that means zero rates for longer.

Aug 29, 2016 - 11:32:33 PDT

Fed Is Headed for Shallow Rate Path This Decade, Study Shows

The fact that the longer-run projection is low matters: it means that the Fed will have less room to cut rates to spur growth in the next downturn than they have had in the past

Aug 29, 2016 - 11:28:08 PDT

What Yellen May Have Said

In case you need any assistance in trying to figure out when Janet Yellen spoke, or at least when the text of her speech was released from embargo, here is a hint:

Aug 29, 2016 - 10:48:05 PDT

Confidence in the Fed Sinking Fast from Greenspan to Bernanke to Yellen

Once-revered central bank heads failed to foresee the housing bubble and the great financial crisis that followed. As a result, faith in the Fed has plunged.

Aug 29, 2016 - 10:37:30 PDT

Former Fed Governor Warsh admits that the central bank manipulates markets

The conduct of monetary policy in recent years has been deeply flawed. U.S. economic growth lags prior recoveries, falling short of forecasts and deteriorating in the most recent quarters.

Aug 29, 2016 - 10:32:11 PDT

(What’s Left of) Our Economy: U.S. Growth Keeps Falling and Bubble-izing

Since the government's latest report on U.S. economic growth came out last Friday, it's time to update RealityChek's monitoring of the quality of that growth – that is to say its makeup. This time, however, let's do something a little different. Rather than simply review the figures on how dependent the economy has once again…

Aug 29, 2016 - 10:27:09 PDT

How GDP conceals inflation

There are so many things wrong with GDP, that even mainstream economists are becoming vaguely aware of its shortcomings. A good friend drew my attention to a Bloomberg article on this subject, whic…

Aug 29, 2016 - 10:17:48 PDT

The IMF Agenda Under A Trump Or Clinton Presidency - Jim Rickards

The SDR and world money are looming but what do the presidential candidates have planned...

Aug 29, 2016 - 10:10:11 PDT

The Apotheosis Of Bubble Finance - Folly Of The FANGs, Part 1

The inexorable effect of contemporary central banking is serial financial booms & busts. With that comes increasing levels of systemic financial instability & a growing dissipation of real economic resources in misallocations &malinvestment.

Aug 29, 2016 - 10:06:23 PDT

No Country for Housing Inventory: Housing inventory continues to remain near record lows while Bay Area housing gets even nuttier.

Builders look at demographics and realize that renting is going to be the bigger trend moving forward.

Aug 29, 2016 - 10:03:47 PDT

Dallas Fed Dead-Cat-Bounce Dies - Economy Contracts For 20th Month In A Row

The worse than expected headline data came despite a rise in new orders as the number of employees, average workweek, and capex all plunged into contraction.

Aug 29, 2016 - 07:50:38 PDT

Banks getting ready for ‘economic nuclear winter’

Weak corporate earnings, a banking crisis, & the Brexit vote are forcing banks to prepare for the worst case scenario in the second half of the year. According to CNBC quoting a major lender, banks are "preparing for an economic nuclear winter situation."

Aug 29, 2016 - 07:44:21 PDT

US Debt: Who is Really Selling & Who is Buying?

A rise in the dollar is the key to the Sovereign Debt Crisis. Now, even the Bank of International Settlements is starting to warn that there are so many loans in dollars outside of the USA, which were originally to save on interest way back when, that a rise in the value of the dollar will cause a cascade failure in sovereign

Having the Latest Gold Investment News at Your Fingertips Protects Your Wealth

Do you know where most of the purchasing power in the United States comes from? In addition to reactionary economic policy that drives the printing of new dollars whenever the whim strikes, paper currency extends its reach through fractional reserve banking. In the past, currency had to be borrowed from those who were saving; now, it is stretched to the breaking point. Today, every bank loans out the maximum allowed. When you deposit $10 in a checking account, that bank can loan out all but ten percent. That $9 is passed back into the economy and deposited into another bank; 90 percent of that deposit can again be loaned. Ultimately, a $10 deposit in a checking account creates $100 in fractional currency. A single dollar, in the hands of a modern bank, can become ten or more with fractional reserve lending.

The problem with this type of economic system is that paper currencies always self-destruct. It is worth remembering the mantra: "Cash is trash!" Only precious metals like gold and silver have the ability to adjust their value, and staying up to date on gold investment news properly positions you to be able to protect your wealth. Throughout history, gold and silver automatically revalued to catch up with the changes that have occurred with paper currency, cyclically adjusting based on the amount of currency in existence at any given time. Being attuned to these cycles requires staying on top of gold investment news and picking out the relevant from the noise.

News on gold and silver can also help you pinpoint the right moments to buy and sell precious metals, allowing you to have an active role in your wealth management and financial protection efforts.™ is a cycles investors with expertise in measuring both past and current gold markets and silver markets. We provide the latest breaking gold and silver news that will position you to be ready to take immediate advantage of wealth protection opportunities as they arise.