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Alan Greenspan Gives a Stark Warning on Financial Markets Today  ( Original )
JAN 31, 2018

Probably one of the most celebrated fed Chair is Alan Greenspan aka, The Maestro who has been much more vocal about the markets than ever before, you can even understand what he saying as he no longer has to talk in Fed-speak. Here's what he had to say on Janet Yellen's last fed day;

"I think there are two bubbles. We have a stock market bubble and we have a bond market bubble," Greenspan said in an interview on Bloomberg Television. "I think [at] the end of the day the bond market bubble will eventually be the critical issue."

"We are dealing with a fiscally unstable long-term outlook in which inflation will take hold"

He also went on to say that "We are working our way towards stagflation" 

Former Fed Greenspan seemed worried over higher interest rates, huge national debts, and deficits.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Alan Greenspan says there are bubbles in both stocks and bonds by Tae Kim of on 1/31/18