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Bitcoin Was Useless in This Disaster Scenario - Cash & Gold King in Hurricane Maria

GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney) 
OCT 13, 2017

Mike discusses the barter situation after disastrous Hurricane Maria on the Island of Puerto Rico

Note from Dan Rubock, Producer of Hidden Secrets of Money series: You can help Rincon (my hometown, also Edd Santoni in this video)  by donating at the following link: This local restaurant has become a community hub and savior for many people in Rincon.They have literally closed their business down to become a relief center, it is still one of the few places folks can get internet. They went above and beyond during this disaster, cooking meals via torchlight for anyone who needed to eat...thank you donating to help them out. Please send them a message to say that Dan sent you...I may get a free beer out of this when I get back home. Many thanks, Dan. 

PS - Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 8 is complete, working on Ep 9 right now and will be releasing both at the same time. The best episodes yet! (Mike agrees)