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Carl Icahn: Some Day the Market Will 'Implode' Because of Derivatives  ( Original )
FEB 6, 2018

One of the greatest investors in the world for over 50 years today is echoing what Warren Buffet famously once said that derivatives are "financial weapons of mass destruction" and a "time bomb" in the markets. Thes two masters of the markets would know. Safety is the utmost financial decision that anyone can make trying to protect their wealth. Having Physical gold and silver in hand is a prudent way to diversify.

"The market has become a much more dangerous place," he said on "Fast Money Halftime Report," adding he believes the current volatility is a precursor to "things to come."

"The market is a casino on steroids" with these exchange-traded funds and exchange-traded notes, and they are the "fault lines" that will eventually lead to an earthquake on Wall Street, Icahn said. "The market itself is way over-leveraged," and at some point could "implode."

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Icahn: The market will one day 'implode' because of these wacky funds using so much leverage by Matthew J. Belvedere of on 2/6/18