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Fed Afraid of Most Damaging Bubbles Ever - Chris Martenson

Greg Hunter  ( Original )
SEP 6, 2016

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Chris Martenson, the founder and creator of

Martenson says the Fed may be on the brink of losing control. Martenson contends, “The Fed is afraid of these markets because the Fed has created Franken markets. These markets are deeply in nose blead territory right now. Most people wouldn’t know this, but the earnings on the S&P are about where they were in 2011, but the market is vastly higher. It’s a really, really expensive market. The bond markets are over the top. They are just extraordinary in their bubble territory. . . . Housing is also way deep into bubble territory, and we are seeing that in all kinds of different markets. This story has always ended the same way. The only thing holding this market together is the people’s belief that the Fed will not stop doing what they are doing. That is a reasonably good bet because the Fed is stuck. On one end, if they stop blowing these bubbles up, they collapse. . . . When these markets collapse, it will be the most damaging bubble bursting that anybody alive has ever seen. We are in crazy territory thanks to the Fed, and people should be paying attention what is happening because they have created a really dangerous set of circumstances.