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Hidden in Plain Sight: The Opportunity in Silver Right Now

SilverSeek  ( Original )
FEB 23, 2018

In all the hue and cry about stocks and bonds and cryptos, when was the last time you read a mainstream headline about silver? Truly the forgotten commodity lately, which is exactly what you want when you’re a buyer. Silver’s recent chart couldn’t much sleepier, which is exactly what we could have said about the VIX before it recently surged 86% in a day.

The silver price would have to triple overnight just to test all-time highs. As it quietly bounces along the bottom of the below chart, a great opportunity to accumulate on the cheap is presenting itself right now:


  • Governments and central banks “print” currencies more rapidly than the underlying economy expands. Hence prices for most items, including silver, rise. Compare 1971 prices to those of 2018.
  • Nothing has changed since 1971 to reverse these policies.
  • The froth and speculation in the last six years have gone into the stock market, the 35-year bull market in bonds, and Bitcoin. Silver has been forgotten since it peaked in 2011.
  • Silver prices were higher in 2008 than they are today. Expect silver prices to rise, probably too far and too fast, like stocks and cryptocurrencies did in 2017.
  • The charts show that $50 – $100 silver is likely in a few years. Challenging economic conditions – any Black Swan – would make $100 to $200 silver probable.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Silver: 2018 and Beyond by Gary Christenson at SilverSeek on 2/22/18