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Hugo Salinas Price: Yuan Exchangeable for Gold Deal - Part II  ( Original )
SEP 27, 2017

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Prospects for Gold II by Hugo Salinas Price of on 9/25/17

Hugo Salinas Price In his first piece explains the Chinese (Largest Oil Importers in the World) Yuan currency purchases of oil where the Yuan can be exchangeable for gold is a game changer. In his second piece here he explains a probable out come of this deal

Excerpt: The present relationship between oil and gold is: 31.1 grams per ounce of gold, divided by 26 barrels = 1.196 grams of gold will purchase one barrel of oil. An unsustainably lowpurchasing power of gold, vis-a-vis oil. At $13,000 Dollars per gold ounce, one barrel of oil, at $50 Dollars, will be bought with 0.1196 grams of gold; perhaps we may see $13,000/oz gold in the not distant future.

Please see the rest here; Prospects for Gold II