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Physical Silver, The Anti-Fiat Currency

SilverSeek  ( Original )
FEB 26, 2018

One of the most maddening parts of the US fiat currency system is that the citizenry whom it directly affects have no say whatsoever in its management or administration.

Even the precious metals markets have proven vulnerable to electronic manipulation and fraud. David Morgan has a plan. Imagine a currency system, based on physical silver, immune to endless layers of bureaucracy, politicians’ re-election concerns, and central-bank control.

Silver has been money longer than gold and has created more wealth for individuals than gold. Silver translates, in many languages around the world to the word money. Silver is the very essence of the people’s money. It is beautiful, necessary and, above all else, money. Silver was part of our monetary system until the “Crime of 1873“.

Over the past year, we have also seen the precious metals markets have been proven to be rigged. This is no longer a “theory” as there have been two different class action lawsuits and two different civil cases brought against Deutsche Bank for rigging the gold and silver market.  Deutsche Bank lost both cases and have been proven guilty of market rigging.

The advances in financial technology (fintech) have demonstrated the people no longer need the banking system. No longer need the credit rating system. No longer need the financial system. Crowd funding, blockchain technology and peer to peer services are racing towards the elimination of these criminal, rigged systems.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Silver Returning to Monetary System? by David Morgan at SilverSeek on 2/26/18