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Prepare For Asset Price Declines of 50-75% - Steve St. Angelo  ( Original )
JUL 3, 2017

Steve St. Angelo, proprietor of SRSrocco Report: Any sense of prosperity in today's economy is based on a falsehood, claims

Like we here at, Steve is a student of energy. He shares our worldview that net energy per capita has been in steady decline, and a result, future growth will be limited. Also like us, he notes that the "growth" seen over the past several decades hasn't been due to surplus net energy (which makes being able to do more possible). Instead, it has been fueled by debt  -- which essentially steals prosperity from the future and consumes it today.

Any third-grader with a crayon can quickly tell you that kind of scam can't last forever. And it can't. Once the can can't be kicked any further and the next economic and/or financial crisis is upon us, Steve sees today's over-inflated asset prices quickly dropping by a gut-wrenching 50-75%: