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"This Is Why and Where the Next Financial Crisis Will Come From"

zerohedge.com  ( Original )
SEP 20, 2017

ORIGINAL SOURCE: "This Is Where The Next Financial Crisis Will Come From" by Tyler Durden of zerohedge.com on 9/20/17

This is a fascinating intertwining piece of a full on financial global distress situation ready to blow and the more than likely out come, this is a must read!

excerpt: By continually using stimulus to deal with crises and not letting creative destruction take over, you make a subsequent crisis more likely by passing the problem along to some other part of the global financial system, and usually in bigger size. In a fiat currency world, intervention and money creation is the path of least resistance. In a Gold standard world, mining new gold was the only stable way of increasing the money supply.

Please read the rest here; "This Is Where The Next Financial Crisis Will Come From"