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Why I’m Not Worried Where Gold is Headed - Jeff Clark

Reluctant Preppers  ( Original )
NOV 15, 2016

Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst at, joins Reluctant Preppers for the first time to explain why he is not concerned about where the price of gold is headed, since gold still provides the best proven hedge against uncertainty and crises in history.

With political and banking outsider Donald Trump elected president, will we avoid runaway spending and debating, or will government debt continue to skyrocket, driving down the value of the US Dollar? Will we see one major collapse or a grinding series of crises that erode our wealth and steal away the fruits of our lifelong labor?

Clark puts all the gold ever mined in human history into startling perspective vs. the government interventions of just the last few years. Remember the real estate mania and stock mania of the past two decades? Prepare for the coming gold rush and buckle up for true deflation and the government’s disproportionate intervention that will drive real inflation and propel the masses of humanity to concentrate their flight into the safe haven of gold, likely driving what will be the greatest wealth transfer in human history!