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June 25, 2019 - 06:34:37 PDT

Why I’m 99.9% Sure We’ll Win With Gold: The Fed’s #1 Tool is Deficient

It’s pretty daring to claim that you’re near certain an investment will pay off.But that’s exactly what I’m doing. Irres... read more

June 25, 2019 - 06:29:32 PDT

Case-Shiller Home Price Appreciation Slows For 13th Straight Month

Home price appreciation in the 20 largest US cities has slowed for 13 straight months, with Case-Shiller reporting that... read more

June 25, 2019 - 06:09:35 PDT

Why Gold Price Is Likely To Touch $1,550 - Forbes

Gold price is set to record the best month in nearly three years and it seems like that it is not going to stop here. Th... read more

June 25, 2019 - 06:06:10 PDT

Best Recession Indicator Flashed Red - What It Means for Gold & S&P 500

Best Recession Indicator Eurodollar Index Flashed Red What next for S&P 500 & Gold? The most important index, the Eurodo... read more

June 25, 2019 - 05:51:13 PDT

USD Bear Trend: Cocked and Loaded

In light of the dollar breaking below the 200-day moving average on some key pairs, the path of least resistance remains... read more

June 25, 2019 - 05:33:56 PDT

U.S. Regulators Ask Deutsche Bank to Explain 'Bad Bank' Proposal

Officials at the U.S. Federal Reserve are concerned on learning about Deutsche Bank's strategy and have sought further d... read more

June 25, 2019 - 05:30:48 PDT

The Fed Is Now Enabling Politicians to Act Recklessly

Politicians are taking advantage of the central bank’s willingness to buy financial stability. read more

June 25, 2019 - 05:16:53 PDT

10-Year Treasury Yield Dips Below 2% Spur Haven Demand

Treasury yields trade modestly lower on Tuesday as investors monitor the U.S.’s intensifying spat with Iran over recent... read more

June 25, 2019 - 05:08:05 PDT

Chinese Banks Tumble After US Threatens To Cut Them Off From SWIFT

"Should it occur, to say that China will not take that well is as large an understatement as one can conceive of. It wou... read more

June 25, 2019 - 05:03:13 PDT

The Federal Reserve Is About to Create a Lot More Zombies

Corporate zombies, that is. Kept alive by easy-money policies, companies that should have gone out of business keep stag... read more

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June 25, 2019 - 04:56:33 PDT

The Fed Is Gradually Losing its Integrity, Says Saxo's Jakobsen

Steen Jakobsen, chief investment officer at Saxo Bank, talks about recent attacks on the Fed and ECB by President Trump. read more

June 24, 2019 - 12:36:28 PDT

Can You Buy Gold at a 25% Discount? Yes... if You Buy It in US Dollars

The dollar has been experiencing a mega rally over the past few years. If you're from the US you might not have noticed.... read more

June 18, 2019 - 06:41:11 PDT

Update on Mike's Personal Portfolio (Insider Exclusive)

Mike Maloney has just made two investment changes in his portfolio - learn what they are, and the reasons for his decisi... read more

June 13, 2019 - 07:38:25 PDT

Luke Gromen: The Fed to the Rescue

I think long risk with value versus growth pivot towards emerging markets versus US & we also like gold, Bitcoin as well... read more

June 12, 2019 - 11:20:51 PDT

How Can the US Hyperinflate With So Much Debt? - John Williams

John Williams will discuss why he still believes that hyper inflation will take place even though recent history suggest... read more

June 11, 2019 - 05:33:46 PDT

The Silver Supply/Demand Crunch – Mike Maloney & Jeff Clark

The data is in: based on a review of reports from multiple consultancies, the silver market has officially entered a sup... read more

June 07, 2019 - 13:08:45 PDT

Ron Paul: The Fed Can't Save Us, But Gold Can

Fed Chairman Powell indicated that he's ready to get in on the action. More money printing, more debt creation and more... read more

June 04, 2019 - 05:35:12 PDT

ALERT: Gold To Silver Ratio Hits 28 Year High - Will It Reach 100?

The gold/silver ratio has just reached 90, this is as high as it has been for 28 years. Find out what Jeff Clark and Mik... read more

May 30, 2019 - 04:51:16 PDT

Judy Shelton: 'I Just Don't Want the Fed to Mess Things Up'

Judy Shelton, possible nominee to the Federal Reserve Board, discusses her view on a pro-growth agenda... read more

May 28, 2019 - 04:22:17 PDT

Real Estate Flippers Feel The Pinch

Is this the chart that shows what Mike Maloney has been forecasting for the last few years? The article Mike references... read more

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