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How much further could markets drop? Probably a lot further than you think is even possible, according to Mike Maloney. Join him in this latest update as he reveals data that shows this market crash may have only just begun. You’ll also get a lesson from Mike on the ‘Hussman Indicator’, plus a double serving of viewer feedback. Our team at would also like to thank you for watching and subscribing to our channel, we have just hit half a million subscribers. Thank you for your continued support as we push towards our goal of one million.

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The word “unprecedented” doesn’t adequately capture what the world—and the gold market—experienced in the first three months of 2020.Covid-19 came almost out of nowhere, a black swan event that engulfed the world. The gold market, like everything else, was impacted in extraordinary ways.It’s useful to look at what transpired last quarter in our industry, because there were some very clear lessons. These lessons will help us all better understand, and better prepare, for what might be ahead.

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