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The Gold/Silver Ratio

Jan 17, 2017

Mike Maloney and David Morgan explain the Gold/Silver Ratio: where it’s been historically, where it is today, and what it tells us about the future of the silver price.

Jeff Christian: Gold to Break World Records Higher over next Few Years

Jan 20, 2017

Once the people understand what the Trump administration means to the U.S. economy gold will move sharply higher.

Which Will It Be a Free Candy Bar or Free Gold Coin?

Jan 20, 2017

The result is surprising and hilarious as this shows that the average person does not really understand precious metals

Pro Commodity Trader Michael Oliver on Gold and Why Were Moving Higher

Jan 20, 2017

Michael Oliver say's were still in a bull market for gold and why were headed back up

Donald Trump Inauguration - RT News Live Stream

Jan 20, 2017

Donald Trump Inauguration 2017 Live Streaming - RT News Live Stream

Gold Supply Is Guaranteed to Fall—Here’s How You’ll Be Impacted

Jan 20, 2017

Last week we looked at how silver supply could be dramatically pinched if Indian citizens began an earnest shift from gold to silver. This week we’ll continue looking at supply, this time with gold.The frightening thing about the coming gold supply deficit is that it doesn’t require an outside force to make it happen. It’s locked in. I hate to use the word “guaranteed,” but regardless of any other development, new gold supply is going down. Worse, there’s little that can be done to reverse the trend.

GATA'S Bill Murphy on Gold & Silver and The Central Bankers

Jan 20, 2017

Murphy explains how Central Bankers are starting to lose they're grip on Precious Metals and will be over powered through the Global Markets

Gold Needs to Be in Pension Funds Before They Implode

Jan 20, 2017

Include a meaningful allocation to physical gold and silver bullion for protection against inflation and financial turmoil.

Charts Say Inflation Is Here?

Jan 20, 2017

These Charts show that it appears that inflation is on the rise and that over several months it has been moving to the upside.

The TIC Data Isn't Looking to Good

Jan 19, 2017

November was the month where global bonds, particularly sovereign bonds, were routed in synchronized liquidation.

David Stockman - Trump Is Not Going to Give Us Big Tax Cuts

Jan 19, 2017

Neil Cavuto of Fox Business gets together with Former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman on President-elect Trump’s tax reform plan.Stockman goes on to explain that there can't be tax cut's because of deficits and that on March 15, "A Stink Bomb" explodes which is a Holiday on the debt ceiling probably @ $20Trillion plus.... They will be in a debt ceiling crises by June. Much more in the interview.....

Nomi Prins: Former Goldman Sachs Banker - 2017 Gold up & Dollar Down

Jan 18, 2017

Please Join Greg Hunter with two time best-selling author Nomi Prins In this excellent interview on what's coming next.

This Past Week in Gold and Silver

Jan 17, 2017

The gold sector is on a major buy signal. The cycle is up. Short-term is also on a buy signal

Broad US Stock Market Update

Jan 17, 2017

Technical analyst Clive Maund forecasts a stock market "swoon" in light of the impending inauguration of Donald Trump.

Charles Nenner: 2017 Prediction - The Whole Bottom Will Fall Out

Jan 16, 2017

In closing, Nenner says, “I think it is a good idea to own some physical gold and silver.”

Gold and Silver: The Flight to Safety - Jan 2017 Update

Jan 13, 2017

Investors who do not start moving their capital in advance of crisis will be forced to pay much higher prices for safety -- or may find they can't get into these haven assets at any price.

The Real US Economy Is Officially in Recession

Jan 13, 2017

This won’t show up in the “official” data… because the official data is fiction. GDP numbers might as well be in a Harry Potter novel, they’re that inaccurate and ridiculous.

MSM-CNN Fake News, War Heating up in Europe

Jan 13, 2017

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about the biggest stories of the past week in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

Another Major Catalyst for Silver Is About to Surface

Jan 12, 2017

There are lots of reasons silver is poised to rip higher over the next few years. Here’s another one, and it’s a new development that’s flying under the radar of most investors…Indian citizens buy a LOT of gold. Macquarie bank estimates that 78% of India’s household savings are held in gold, more than any other economy in the world. Right or wrong, this much savings in gold creates a drag on growth, because the available funds for bank lending decrease.

Big Banks Already Failing Before next Major Global Financial Crisis

Jan 12, 2017

Jason and Nomi discuss how the amount of foreign government denominated debt in US Dollars and foreign corporate debt denominated in US Dollars has basically risen an order of magnitude in the last few decades.

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