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Hey Central Bankers, Who You Gonna Call? The #1 Reason Gold Will Double

Sep 22, 2016

There are no guarantees when it comes to investing. But this one comes pretty darn close.Here’s a fun question to ponder: if you worked at the Federal Reserve with Janet Yellen, or at the central bank of your country, what would you do if everything you’d tried to stimulate your economy hadn’t worked?Yes, I know we’d do it a lot differently, starting with allowing the free market to work. But these Masters of the Universe (ha) see it as their job to intervenewhen the economy stumbles. So they’re gonna keep trying, especially when the next crisis hits.

‘The Fed Is Walking A Tightrope’ – Charles Hugh Smith

Sep 23, 2016

Here are some major concerns on Charles Hugh Smith's mind as we approach the end of 2016

Ron Paul With David Stockman

Sep 23, 2016

Former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman joins today's Liberty Report to talk about ." What are Stockman's suggestions on foreign & monetary policy and would they help?

Central Bankers Are Like Alchemists, According To Marc Faber

Sep 22, 2016

Central bankers trying to spur growth are like alchemists trying to make gold & they're just as likely to fail, said Marc Faber

Ten Years Gone

Sep 22, 2016

The Federal Reserve is attempting to do exactly what the BOJ did beginning in 1999. In the middle of 2006, after more than six years of ZIRP and five years of several rounds of QE

The Globalist banking system that enslaves us all

Sep 21, 2016

The only reason the Banks are getting away with pushing nations into poverty, causing our system to fail, is that they have too much power to create money for themselves.

Gold is Your Best Hedge against Central Banks that are Out of Control

Sep 21, 2016

Tradesnoop tell's us about the Bank of Japan's new monetary policy, Today's FOMC meeting and how Central Banks are out of control

Economy A Hoax & House Of Card - Paul Craig Roberts

Sep 21, 2016

“The Labor Force Participation rate never falls during a recovery. It rises because people are entering the labor force to take advantage of the strong economy and jobs. So, there isn’t any economy.

Man Your Battle Stations for a Full On Banking Crises

Sep 20, 2016

Several of our key risk indicators are flashing warning signals for the stock market. Most notably, US Libor-OIS, Chinese HIBOR and the TED spread.

Max interviews precious metals expert, Ned Naylor-Leyland

Sep 20, 2016

In @ 12:30 of the second half, Max interviews precious metals expert, Ned Naylor-Leyland about Gold - the original denominator

Me And Manager Dan - The Mogambo Guru

Sep 20, 2016

The evil Federal Reserve is still busily monetizing government debt (cash and credit created out of thin air to buy new government-issued debt) by more than (yes, I said “more than”) a terrifying trillion dollars (yes, I said “trillion dollars”) a year, every year, year after year

The Biggest Counterfeiting Operation in History

Sep 20, 2016

“It’s going to be really bad for everybody except for the precious metals investor.” Mike reviews an alarming chart that shows the massive currency creation currently under way in Europe and Japan. It's astonishing how much currency is being printed today.

Mike Will Load up When Silver Hits This Price

Sep 19, 2016

"I will be backing up the truck if this happens” Mike reviews the Commitment of Traders report and the latest pullbacks in gold and silver prices. Also, he looks at the massive currency creation currently under way in Europe and Japan and what it means for precious metals investors.

Michael Pento - The Coming Bond Bubble Collapse

Sep 19, 2016

Michael Pento, fund manager & author explains how the United States is fast approaching the end stage of the biggest asset bubble in history.

Gold Prices Will Soar When Central Banks Fail - David Stockman

Sep 16, 2016

It’s only a matter of time when we see the gold price @ $1,950 per ounce price that was achieved a few years ago & probably goes well beyond that.”

The Death of Money by James Rickards - Book Summary

Sep 16, 2016

So if this is the end of a monetary era, what comes next. And more importantly, what can we do about it to protect ourselves.

DiMartino Booth - The Fed won’t raise rates in September

Sep 15, 2016

Boom Bust Tell's us that Danielle DiMartino Booth, former official at the Dallas Fed, to discuss Fed policy given the current state of the US economy.

David Rosenberg - The World Is Turning More Inward, Insular and Isolated

Sep 15, 2016

David Rosenberg try's to figure out what's going on in Janet Yellen's mind

Calling All Silver Bugs: Price Targets, and Last Call for the Greek Warrior

Sep 15, 2016

Calling All Silver Bugs: Price Targets, and Last Call for the Greek WarriorBy: Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals AnalystThere are a lot of ways to project how high the price of an asset might climb. One of the more promising methods for silver is to look at the gold/silver ratio during its biggest bull run ever.Gold and silver both peaked on January 21, 1980. The run-up had been tremendous for both metals. As most of you know, silver outperformed gold.

Gold Goes To All-time Highs If Fed Admits It Cannot Raise Rates - Michael Pento

Sep 14, 2016

“Gold is going to become completely unglued from its moorings and will shoot up very close to record highs very quickly. It’s not going to happen until the Fed admits that it cannot raise interest rates.”

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