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Mike Maloney: The Top 10 Reasons I Own Gold and Silver [New Video Series]

Sep 21, 2017

When the average investor thinks about gold, they may view it as an inflation hedge. Or maybe as crisis insurance. Or perhaps solely as a portfolio diversifier. These are all good reasons to own gold—but those are always good reasons to buy precious metals. Mike Maloney’s reasons to own gold and silver at this point in history are very different than what passes as standard arguments.

Top Ten Reasons I Buy Gold & Silver [#5] - 3 Reasons the Coming Gold Mania Will Dwarf the 1970s

Sep 22, 2017

One of the most dangerous things a financial analyst can say is, “But this time it’s different!” That’s because history tends to repeat. Believing your circumstances are truly different almost always leads to financial ruin.But in the case of the coming gold mania, as Mike Maloney shows in his new video, there are some stark differences between the great gold rush of the 1970s and today. And those differences could push gold much higher this time, percentage wise, than it did then.

Jim Rickards on the New Yuan-Priced Gold-Backed Oil Contract

Sep 21, 2017

In @ 12:50 mark: Rickards discusses The End of The Petrol Dollar System

The "Rule of Total Morons" Rate Hike Cycles and Gold

Sep 21, 2017

A new bull market in gold started in late 2015 concurrently with the Fed’s first rate hike. That is no coincidence.

Ronald Stoferle: Who Will Bailout Central Bankers in the Next Crisis?

Sep 21, 2017

How central banks have not prevented the next global financial crisis but merely delayed it.

Very Important Part of Janet Yellen's Yesterday Statement...

Sep 21, 2017

Fed Chair Janet Yellen said at the FOMC press conference, that the fall in inflation this year remained a mystery

Tale of Two Central Bankers

Sep 21, 2017

Lady on left believes in Phillips Curve. Wants to tighten. Lady on right believes in gold. Just bought 16 tons.

Why the Poor Pay for High Debt, Even If They Don't Borrow

Sep 21, 2017

Professor Steve Keen on how Rising Debt Causes Rising Inequality

Dr. Ron Paul: US Cannot Survive On 'Puny' Military Budget

Sep 21, 2017

Defense Secretary Mattis warned that our very survival was in jeopardy because we are not spending enough on the military. But spending is not the's the policy!

Yellen Says Disinflation Is "More of a Mystery"

Sep 21, 2017

No it's not. They've tightened into weakness since Dec '15. Disinflation is to be expected.

Top Ten Reasons I Buy Gold & Silver [#5] - Crashes Throughout History

Sep 21, 2017

Here’s How Quickly Your Wealth Can Be Wiped OutIt’s the two greatest drivers of any investment: greed and fear. Greed can drive an investment to bubbly highs. But the ensuing crash—and there’s always a crash after a bubble—can wipe out your gains in a flash, leaving little or no time to react.And that’s the fifth reason why Mike Maloney buys gold and silver: most assets classes are due for a crash—and in response, market psychology will drive gold to dizzying heights.

"This Is Why and Where the Next Financial Crisis Will Come From"

Sep 20, 2017

By continually using stimulus to deal with crises & not letting creative destruction take over, you make a subsequent crisis more likely by passing the problem along to some other part of the global financial system, & usually in bigger size.

Rob Kirby: Trillions of UnAccounted Dollars and ESF Gold Suppression

Sep 20, 2017

The IMF recently announced they had underestimated the global debt problem by an estimated $13-$14 TRILLION dollars of global debt. A simple rounding error?

There Is a Movement Toward Global De-Dollarization

Sep 20, 2017

And as a “supra-national” reserve asset, gold plays an important role in it.

Dollar Weakens as Gold Rises Ahead of Fed Statement

Sep 20, 2017

"We suspect that the central bank will reiterate its dovish stance and likely weaken the dollar in the process,"

Top Ten Reasons I Buy Gold & Silver [#6] - The ONLY Undervalued Asset Class

Sep 20, 2017

It’s probably the oldest investment adage: buy low, sell high.So what is “low” today? And just as important, what is “high” that we should avoid buying?As Mike Maloney points out in his new video of the Top 10 Reasons he buys gold and silver, everything is a scary investment—except precious metals.That’s not just talk. Here’s a snapshot of just how overvalued the three biggest asset classes are…StocksYou undoubtedly know that the US stock market is at an all-time high. But it’s more than high—it’s in runaway mode…

Top Ten Reasons I Buy Gold & Silver [#7] - These Assets Come With a Guarantee

Sep 19, 2017

There are no guarantees when it comes to investing. But due to how our current monetary system is structured, and how central bankers will undoubtedly respond to the next crisis, gold and silver are guaranteed to benefit.And that is Mike Maloney’s Reason #7 why he buys gold and silver: they come with a central bank guarantee:It all centers around the constant erosion in the value of our currency. The Consumer Price Index (CPI), the government’s primary gage of inflation, has marched higher for the past 40 years.

Top Ten Reasons I Buy Gold & Silver [#8] - We Will Have a New World Monetary System By 2020

Sep 18, 2017

It’s a bold statement, but Mike Maloney predicts that based on history, the US will be forced into a new monetary system by the end of this decade.As he explains in his new video, Reason #8 Why I Own Gold and Silver, the world has formed a new monetary system every 30-40 years. The US is overdue.Many citizens aren’t aware of it, but America has had four monetary systems in just the past 100 years:That’s why Mike believes the US dollar is overdue for its demise…History Says the US Dollar Has an Expiration Date

Chris Martenson - Central Banks Are Terrified

Sep 18, 2017

“By many metrics, this market has never been more expensive. . . . What goes up has to come down. . . .