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The Gold Cupboards are Bare & New Silver Buyers Forcing the Endgame - Rob Kirby

Reluctant Preppers  ( Original )
AUG 1, 2016

Published on Jul 29, 2016

ALERT: America is importing gold from Switzerland for the first time in decades. Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics sounds the alarm: Jim Sinclair just blew the whistle that the amount of Gold imported into the US in May 2016 mirrors almost to the ounce the gold demanded for physical delivery on COMEX. Shocking “coincidence” or inconvenient fact exposing that the gold shelves are bare? Kirby drills in deeper to​​ bring us to the conclusion that we are close to a catastrophic economic collapse, and gives the evidence he sees as clear writing on the wall. Don't miss it!


Metals markets are behaving unusually compared to what they’ve done over the past 6 yrs. Big rally in gold in first half of 2016, Record silver open interest, despite price not even close to record highs. Usually signals an exhaustive high and coming cascading collapse of open interest. We’ve been seeing mini-beatdowns in silver but no collapse exhaustion of longs. US Banks excluded from accounting if “in the national interest” No naming of US banks from the Deutsche Bank investigation - protected? Foreign Banks subject to different regulatory regimes than US banks Long side appears have to have new players Players have drained the cupboards bare. Little metal left to justify the false paper price setting. When Western banks run out of physical metal to feed into the market.

Calls into question what is really going on when the US needs to import tons of gold from Switzerland for the first time in decades, when we supposedly have huge reserves on the books. (Not audited!)

Kirby was recently interviewed on The Daily Coin “Something We’ve Never Seen Before in Recorded History”.

Morgan Stanley in 2008 had extremely poor credit, US banking officials were trying to sell Morgan Stanley off to another suitor, couldn’t find a willing victim, yet Morgan Stanley was able to strap on 8 Trillion in debt in 3 months. Only one counter party big enough to be on the other side: Exchange Stabilization Fund / US Treasury. 5-part MUST WATCH series on how the ESF works, through 5 banks chosen by the Fed: JP Morgan, Citibank, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs. Series produced by a great-grandson of Frank Vanderlip, one of the original founders of the Federal Reserve on Jeckyl Island in 1913.

Why do you believe the manipulations are about to collapse?

reluctance of longs to capitulate in silver

importing gold from Switzerland

Policies being pursued by Wester central banking authorities are failing policies

Negative interest rates, paper massaging to contain physical precious metal

Believe that even sociopaths globalists that will eventually reach the point where they stop digging

Ultimately want to win the game - before cupboards completely bare 

COMEX and futures markets will be so discredited, settle everyone in fiat money or book entries.

Fiat currency won’t be able to buy metals

Seize up of the credit markets

Keynesians will finally get their way - currencies will revert to true value (zero.)

Breakdowns in supply chains, all confidence lost in dollar.

People will want to buy anything of real value.

Would you rather have no food when the supply chains break down?

In Europe 12-13Trillion sovereign government bonds trading at negative interest rates.

Insurance companies required by law to hold govt bonds on fixed income funds.

Poison pill will destroy insurance industry

Global capitalist system requires insurance, but we are on a path guaranteeing the destruction of the insurance industry.

Globalists - Sociopathic and anti-human, promoted by the mainstream media, supporting Hillary Clinton as the establishment candidate for president,


Rise of nationalism & populism defying the globalists and groundswell of support for Trump.

Given the current sea change in gold & silver movement, negative interest rates poised to kill the insurance industry and seize up credit markets, is there any way we can make it through the next 2 years without a CATASTROPHIC COLLAPSE?

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