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TOP NEWS Mike Maloney: "The End of the Real Estate Boom?"

Mike Maloney: "The End of the Real Estate Boom?" Is this it? Is this the top of the real estate bubble? Mike Maloney thinks so, and the signs are everywhere. In the Australian real estate market alone, $1.7 trillion in interest-only subprime loans have allowed a nation of borrowers to “buy” houses well beyond their means. Over the next 4 years, $500B-worth of these ticking time bombs come due, and are set to trigger a wave of defaults.

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Sep 21, 2018 - 12:05:30 PDT

Video Interview: Mike Maloney on The Coming Collapse And Preparing With Gold, Silver And Crypto

Mike does a rare interview with Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante. This 30-minute video covers Mike's three sole investments: silver, gold, and cryptos (in that order). Why those three? As Mike points out, "they're not a form of debt... they don't require the performance of a 3rd party for the investment to pay off."

Sep 25, 2018 - 08:18:13 PDT

"Gold Through the Ages – Civilization’s Love Affair with the Yellow Metal"

A beautiful, powerful, informative timeline of humankind's relationship with gold, starting in 4,600 BC and working its way up to the present day, from U.S. Global Investors.

Sep 25, 2018 - 08:04:54 PDT

Consumer Confidence Insanity: Another Spike to 18-Year, Just-Pre-Dotcom-Crash High

In the newest non-recovery recovery chapter, everyone is super positive on the indefatigable stock market, and yet "the number of people expecting income growth fell the most since April 2017...Regarding their short-term income prospects, the percentage of consumers expecting an improvement declined from 25.4% to 22.6%."

Sep 25, 2018 - 06:34:55 PDT

Three Months After His Predecessor Resigned, Argentina's Central Bank Chief Resigns

Not exactly the sort of revolving-door non-leadership one would expect from a 7-time sovereign-debt-defaulter with "zero chance" of defaulting again, as Argentina's President Macri (aka The Most Optimistic Man in the World) claimed just yesterday.

Sep 25, 2018 - 06:04:26 PDT

Hong Kong’s Interbank Lending Rate Spikes Most in 10 Years Amidst Liquidity Fears

"One-month interbank borrowing costs, known as Hibor, surged the most in nearly a decade Monday, as liquidity tightened amid bets local banks will increase the prime rate for the first time since 2006."

Sep 25, 2018 - 05:59:57 PDT

FedEx CEO Fred Smith: "History Is Very, Very Clear" Tariffs Don't Work

"Countries that pursue the most open markets are the ones that prosper the most and whose citizens' income increases the most. Mercantilism does not work."

Sep 25, 2018 - 05:47:07 PDT

Argentine President Says "Zero Chance" 7-Time-Defaulter Argentina Will Default Again

Yet another country with yet another politician making yet another promise there is nearly "zero chance" he can keep. And of course, this new hot air assault comes on the heels of news that Mauricio Macri is, in fact, running for reelection.

Sep 25, 2018 - 05:29:58 PDT

Homebuilders, Already Down 21% on the Year, Set for Worst Performance Since 2008

Anyone who wanted to buy a house did so when mortgage rates hit all-time lows over the last 10 years. With mortgage rates at multi-year highs, blind and reckless real estate buying for investment purposes no longer makes sense. What happens when both organic and speculative demand dry up at the same time?

Sep 25, 2018 - 05:25:52 PDT

Buckle Up: October, the Market's Most Volatile Month (by Far), Is Almost Here

Summer's over. The kids are back to school. And we can all turn our full attention back to the markets. And if history is any guide, they will be providing plenty of near-term fireworks.

Sep 25, 2018 - 05:15:51 PDT

71-Page Chinese White Paper Casts Xi as World Trade Savior From Trump

Only in the current political environment could long-protectionist China cast themselves as noble crusaders for free trade on the world stage against a US president hellbent on interfering in free markets.

Sep 25, 2018 - 05:07:43 PDT

JPMorgan: Market Should Brace for "Major Miscalculation" by Trump

JPMorgan analysts see Trump continuing to ratchet up the trade war economic damage, potentially crippling both the US and Chinese economies in the process.

Sep 25, 2018 - 05:03:56 PDT

Robert Shiller: Investors Have Lost "Healthy Skepticism"

Robert Shiller's writing on financial matters is about as reserved, mild, and understated as it gets. But even he can't square current stock market valuations with anything other than willful ignorance and Pollyanna optimism.

Sep 25, 2018 - 04:56:06 PDT

Newsweek: "Russia and China Think US Dollars Are Ruining the World..."

" They're Finding a New Way." It's telling when a mainstream news source such as Newsweek starts covering world powers turning their backs on the USD. No longer the exclusive domain of "alternative" financial news sources, the dollar's fall from global dominance becomes more real to more people with every passing day.

Sep 24, 2018 - 14:45:55 PDT

Gold Traders' Report - September 24, 2018

The DX recovered to 94.23, and then remained fairly steady between 94.17–94.22. Gold slid back to $1,198.50 in response and was $1,199 bid at 4PM – unchanged.

Sep 24, 2018 - 11:32:48 PDT

Stock Market Bubble, Toil and Trouble...Four Hair-Raising Charts for Stock Market Bulls

Just because nobody knows when the stock market madness will end doesn't mean you should trade in your fact-based investment approach and join the insanity. As tempting as that might be. Here are four charts to help scare your senses back into you.

Sep 24, 2018 - 11:02:39 PDT

How 33 Free-Market Banks Became 4 Too-Big-to-Fail Catastrophes-in-Waiting

There was a time, in the not-too-distant past, that a bank that underperformed or engaged in repeated, systemic fraud was dealt with my the unerring hand of the free market. It went out of business. Now? Four misshapen behemoths that must be allowed to exist no matter how incompetent or illegal their operations. Because "too big to fail."

Sep 24, 2018 - 07:46:09 PDT

The Folly of Viewing Extreme Student Loan Debt as Okay "Because It's for Education"

Because incurring 6-figure debt to get a job that doesn't pay well is bad math. The binary view of student debt as somehow totally different from other forms of extreme debt, solely because it is to acquire more education, has locked many Americans into nothing less than lifetime debt servitude from which they will not escape until they die.

Sep 24, 2018 - 07:36:12 PDT

Gold Global Demand and Strategic 'X' Factor: Is China Adding to Sovereign Reserves?

As the yuan continues to move in a seeming direct peg to the gold price, speculation is rampant that China is adding to its substantial hoard of physical gold.

Sep 24, 2018 - 07:29:01 PDT

As the West Sleeps, Physical Gold Flows Through Switzerland to the East

Global US-dollar dominance may be coming to an end, but you'd never know it in the West, where demand or physical gold remains stagnant. Not so in the East, where Swiss refineries are seeing bustling business converting gold into kilo bars required by Asian buyers.

Sep 24, 2018 - 05:49:18 PDT

The New American Retirement Plan of Necessity: Live in an RV, Become a Migrant Worker

"Not homeless, but “houseless." Living in secondhand RVs, trailers and vans and driving from one location to another to pick up seasonal low-wage jobs with little or no benefits. Many saw their savings wiped out during the Great Recession or were foreclosure victims. Few have chosen this life. Few think they can find a way out of it."


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