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TOP NEWSAmazing Silver Chart Shows How Undervalued It Is

 See full story: Amazing Silver Chart Shows How Undervalued It Is How undervalued is silver? We all know that something just doesn’t add up with the markets, but take a look at the chart that Jeff Clark presents in today’s roundtable video and you’ll see why even Mike Maloney was blown away.

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Sep 23, 2020 - 12:46:50 PDT

TRIPLE DIGIT SILVER (PART 2) - Mike Maloney & Keith Neumeyer (CEO First Majestic Silver)

Triple digit silver is not only possible - but highly probable, according to industry titans Mike Maloney and Keith Neumeyer. Join them in Part 2 of their discussion as they add more potential triggers to the list of reasons they believe silver should one day take off like a rocket.

Sep 24, 2020 - 13:12:48 PDT

All Money is a Matter of Belief: Miller on the Money

Anyone remember when our money was backed by gold? Now they say, “Federal Reserve Note”; called fiat currency.

Sep 24, 2020 - 13:09:26 PDT

How Much Gold Is There Left to Mine in the World?

Though new gold mines are still being found, discoveries of large deposits are becoming increasingly rare, experts say. Some experts believe we may have hit "peak gold" production in our pursuit of the precious metal.

Sep 24, 2020 - 12:37:48 PDT

House Democrats Prepare New $2.4 Trillion Stimulus Plan With Unemployment Aid, Direct Payments

House Democrats are preparing a new, smaller coronavirus relief package expected to cost about $2.4 trillion as they try to forge ahead with talks with the Trump administration, a source familiar with the plans said Thursday.

Sep 24, 2020 - 12:15:40 PDT

The Next Financial Crisis May Be Coming Soon: FT

These fears already have tangible consequences: they pushed down business sentiment more in this month’s Oxford survey than hard data justified. “Our analysis suggests that financial crisis fears account for much of the gloom,” said Jamie Thompson, the poll’s lead economist.

Sep 24, 2020 - 11:49:06 PDT

Stock Rally Reverses On Report There Are "No Talks" Scheduled Between Mnuchin, Pelosi

"No talks scheduled at this time between @stevenmnuchin1 and @SpeakerPelosi on covid relief"

Sep 24, 2020 - 11:36:44 PDT

Triple Trouble: NorthmanTrader

Markets have run into trouble in September and 3 major problems have emerged and unless these problems are solved markets may have to contend with the distinct possibility of having topped for now.…

Sep 24, 2020 - 11:30:33 PDT

Fed’s Bullard Says U.S. Economy Within Reach of Full Recovery This Year

The St. Louis Fed president cautioned that downside risks remain substantial and things could go wrong.

Sep 24, 2020 - 11:22:59 PDT

The U.S. Could Seize China’s Treasury Holdings: Rickards

China doesn’t have a nuclear option. But it does have one very powerful weapon. Will it use it? Here’s an even more important question: Do you own gold to protect your wealth in these uncertain times?

Sep 24, 2020 - 09:22:57 PDT

The Silent Exodus Nobody Sees: Leaving Work Forever

The exodus out of cities is getting a lot of attention, but the exodus that will unravel our economic and social orders is getting zero attention: the exodus from work.

Sep 24, 2020 - 08:41:43 PDT

U.S. Labor Market Slowing as Fiscal Stimulus Fades

The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits unexpectedly increased last week, supporting views the economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic was running out of steam amid diminishing government funding.

Sep 24, 2020 - 08:21:43 PDT

Fed Pleads Anew for Stimulus, and Markets Start to Give Up Hope

A parade of Federal Reserve officials Wednesday stressed that more fiscal stimulus is critical to sustaining the economic recovery, and U.S. stocks tumbled as pessimism began sinking in that Congress would ever deliver a new aid package.

Sep 24, 2020 - 08:16:21 PDT

Boston Fed’s Rosengren: Further Qe Could Help Economy, but Not as Much as Fiscal Policy

Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren told Yahoo Finance that the Fed could use further quantitative easing to support the U.S. economy if needed.

Sep 24, 2020 - 08:12:58 PDT

The Fed Can Generate Higher Inflation

"A lack of concern for fiscal discipline by both the U.S. Treasury Secretary and a call for persistent, near zero rates by the Chairman of the Federal Reserve suggests that the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury will act in concert to make the new inflation target a reality. It is not a...

Sep 24, 2020 - 08:04:54 PDT

European Central Banks Remain Leaders for Gold: Central Banking

The average gold holdings of European central banks surveyed in Reserve Benchmarks 2020 stood at 10.6 million ounces (330 tonnes), versus a global average of 5.9 million ounces. The average holding for non-European countries stood at 1.6 million ounces.

Sep 24, 2020 - 07:59:56 PDT

Race to Ruin as Us Fed Reserve Turns Japanese

As America gets sicker and sicker and the economy stumbles, Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell has upped the dosage of the Fed’s monetary medicine. So much so it’s allowing stocks to defy financial gravity.

Sep 24, 2020 - 07:56:03 PDT

The Second Wave of a Rolling Bear Market Is About to Begin, Says Top Forecaster

“So we have a second wave coming, we have very wealthy people taking profits [on stocks] and we see a lot of speculation in the market. I think the market is going to start to go down again,” Lamoureux told MarketWatch recently.

Sep 24, 2020 - 07:04:39 PDT

Watch Live: Powell and Mnuchin Testify Before the Senate on the Economic Recovery: 10:AM ET

The hearing will mark the the second time both men have appeared together before Congress this week to discuss their response to Covid-19.

Sep 24, 2020 - 06:56:31 PDT

China’s Rapid Yuan Rise and Wave of Hot Money Inflows Prompt Concerns of Asset Bubbles and Inflation

The rapid strengthening of the yuan exchange rate in recent weeks has triggered a debate in China about whether Beijing's recent moves to open up its domestic financial markets to more foreign investment might have resulted in an unwelcome wave of speculative "hot money" inflows that could result in imported inflation and asset bubbles.

Sep 24, 2020 - 06:45:34 PDT

Dow Drops 200 Points, S&P 500 Erases Year to Date Gain

Stocks fell as renewed concerns over the state of the U.S. economy and mounting pressure on high-flying tech names dragged down the market. 


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