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May 24, 2022 - 08:12:24 PDT

Biden Veers Off Script on Taiwan. It's Not the First Time

Each time he says what he really thinks, there is the ritual cleanup brigade dispatched by the White House to pretend that he did not really say what he clearly articulated — or that even if he did, it did not really amount to a change in policy. But then Biden, unperturbed and unapologetic, goes out and does it all over again.

May 24, 2022 - 08:10:01 PDT

Biden Praises High Gas Prices as Part of ‘Incredible Transition’

Out of touch as ever, President Biden celebrated record-high gas prices Monday, gushing that the pump pain was part of “an incredible transition” of the US economy away from fossil fuels.

May 24, 2022 - 08:01:10 PDT

A Record 68% of American Households Said Their Savings Could Cover a $400 Emergency in 2021

Financial well-being reached an all-time high in 2021, according to the Federal Reserve.

May 24, 2022 - 07:58:12 PDT

Two in 10 Americans Say US Headed in the Right Direction, Poll Shows

Even Democrats are losing hope – with only 33% saying the US is headed in the right direction compared to 49% a month ago and 55% in March.

May 24, 2022 - 07:45:19 PDT

Inflation: There Will Be ‘Further Layoffs’ That Will Be ‘Fast and Furious’

Quant Insight CEO Mahmood Noorani and Brandywine Global Portfolio Manager John McClain sit down with Yahoo Finance Live to talk about recent market volatilities, outlook on tech stocks, the Fed's interest rate hikes, and positioning against Fed risks.

May 24, 2022 - 07:41:21 PDT

Snap Says the Economy Deteriorated Fast

Snap Inc said the economy had worsened faster than expected in the last month and the social media company slashed its quarterly forecast, triggering an after-hours sell-off.

May 24, 2022 - 07:37:22 PDT

Fed’s Bostic Suggests Pausing Rate Hikes in September To Assess Impact

It “might make sense” for the Federal Reserve to pause further interest rate hikes following expected half-point rate increases over the next two months as the central bank assesses the impact on inflation and the economy, Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic said on Monday.

May 24, 2022 - 07:27:38 PDT

Rate Cuts and Money Printing Not To Blame for Soaring Inflation, Says Bank of England’s Baily

Andrew Bailey (pictured) has hit back at claims that the central bank's actions during the pandemic had served to fuel the rapid rise in inflation.

May 24, 2022 - 06:16:20 PDT

Gold Prices Gain As U.S. Dollar Pullback Boosts Appeal

Gold prices firmed on Tuesday, as the U.S. dollar weakened to a one-month low for a second consecutive session, making greenback-priced bullion less expensive for overseas buyers.

May 24, 2022 - 06:13:05 PDT

A "Lost Decade" Ahead For Markets?: Lance Roberts

The last decade provided excess returns, however, will the reversal of monetary policy, inflation, and overvaluation lead to a lost decade.

May 24, 2022 - 06:11:19 PDT

The Next Crisis to Hit Markets May Be About Liquidity: Bloomberg

...liquidity has been slowly draining from various markets to the point where the Federal Reserve this month warned that it threatens financial stability. Investors who ignore this warning do so at their own peril.

May 24, 2022 - 06:06:51 PDT

Ray Dalio: Cash Is Still Trash, and This Market Period Reminds Him of the 1970s

Ray Dalio, argued on Tuesday that the stock market is set to face another sell-off, insisting that "cash is trash.” Commenting about the ongoing economic situation in the United States in an interview with CNBC at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Dalio said that this market period reminds him of the 1970s.

May 24, 2022 - 06:04:43 PDT

Crypto Markets May Pose Risks to Wider Financial Stability, ECB Warns

Cryptocurrencies will pose a risk to financial stability if the emerging sector maintains its rapid growth of the last two years and financial firms deepen their involvement, the European Central Bank (ECB) said on Tuesday.

May 24, 2022 - 05:45:57 PDT

Further China Support for Russia – Wants To Erode Dominance of USD

Western sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine have renewed debate in China about overhauling the exchange rate regime and loosening dependence on the US dollar.

May 24, 2022 - 05:42:58 PDT

US Dollar Index in Fresh Lows, As Bears Regain Control

The greenback, in terms of the US Dollar Index (DXY), adds to the pessimistic start of the week and drops to new lows in the sub-103.00 region on Tuesday.

May 24, 2022 - 05:39:13 PDT

How Russia Made Its Ruble the World’s Top-Performing Currency

“A lot of this is just man-made currency strength,” Brendan McKenna, currency strategist at Wells Fargo Securities told Bloomberg. “If all these policy measures weren’t in place it would probably be at the 180 level based on the evolution of the conflict.”

May 24, 2022 - 05:38:27 PDT

Wall Street Says a Fed Digital Dollar Spells Destruction for Banks

The Federal Reserve is considering whether to launch a CBDC like other nations, and bankers argue that’s a dangerous idea.

May 24, 2022 - 05:35:39 PDT

Fed Facility Tops $2 Trillion as Investors Scramble to Park Cash

The amount of money parked at a major Federal Reserve facility climbed to yet another all-time high, surpassing the $2 trillion milestone for the first time, as investors struggled to find places to invest their cash in the short term.

May 24, 2022 - 05:32:38 PDT

Best Buy Cuts Profit Forecast on Inflation Hit

A spike in prices for everything from toothpaste to gas is taking a toll on consumer spending, while driving companies such as Walmart Inc and Target Corp to report their worst earnings miss in at least five years. Best Buy's comparable sales fell 8% in the first quarter ended April 30, but beat analysts’...

May 24, 2022 - 05:31:16 PDT

Inflation Concerns Are Soaring Around The World

The world’s political and economic elites have descended once more on Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum (WEF), after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. This year’s round of talks, which run from May 22 to 26, will deal with, among other topics, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, food shortages, climate change and inflation.


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