Mike Maloney Has Bet His Life on Gold and Silver

JULY 11, 2011

Mike Maloney has bet his life on gold and silver.

Aside from being the number one author on gold and silver investing, the CEO and founder of GoldSilver.com, OroPlata.com, and WealthCycles.com is 100% invested in gold and silver investment grade bullion.

In terms of nominal fiat dollar values, Mike holds American Eagle bullion coins with approximately 90% allocated in silver eagles to a 10% gold eagle allocation.

Mike Maloney avoids mining stocks as they have under performed bullion for some time.† Mr. Maloney points out that gold and silver mining shares introduce counter-party risks unassociated with gold and silver bullion investments.

Given the state of the world's economy and the current shaky monetary system, Mike concludes the downside risks to owning gold and silver bullion investments are extremely outweighed by their superb upside potential.† Thus Mike Maloney has literally gone all in with a 100% financial and lifestyle commitment to the current silver and gold cycle.