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$20 Oil, $100 Silver & 10,000 Dow Jones - Steve St. Angelo of Interview

APR 4, 2016

Published on Mar 29, 2016

New Energy Source is the Oil of the 21st Century. Learn More:

GUEST: - Look for new Gold Bulletin

02:10 Oil Bear Market Since 2008
09:00 Oil Price will Continue to Fall
09:50 Stock Market Manipulated Up
12:50 Silver Price to Skyrocket, Physical Demand to Overwhelm Paper Price
14:50 Solar Energy Companies not Viable for Years
19:30 Current Energy Sources & Costs for Residential
24:25 Prepare for Massive Economic Crash
28:30 Technology Can't Fix Systemic Problems

Our last 2 interviews with Steve have over 100,000 combined views. He is a fan favorite for CTS subscribers: