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Charles Hugh Smith: Robotics and Unemployment

GordonTLong  ( Original )
JUN 20, 2017

Gordon T. Long of Macro Analytics and Charles Hugh Smith of two minds  discuss jobs in a robotic future.


Advancements in Robotic technology have reached critical mass resulting in increasing numbers of university programs focused on Robotics. This along with industry adoption rates as a result of labor cost pressures and availability of ubiquitous communications enabling technology like "cloud computing", "bluetooth" and WiFi are fostering new concepts in robotic adoption.

As exciting as these developments are they now come with increasing net loss of jobs. Few have answers to the coming global jobs crisis in an era of unrelenting robotic advancements.


Technology has now advanced where the human characteristics of Seeing, Hearing, Speaking, Touch and the Dexterity of Physical Movement can now be combined into various forms of productive automation.