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Former Goldman Sachs Analyst Charles Nenner - Deflation Coming  ( Original )
AUG 30, 2017

Please Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial and geopolitical cycle expert Charles Nenner

Charles Nenner, renowned financial and geopolitical analyst is also long term bullish on gold.  Why does he like the yellow metal?  Nenner says, “Gold goes up 50% of the time in inflation and also 50% of the time in deflation.  Most people don’t know that.  If stocks go down and bonds are not safe and real estate goes down, where are you going to put your money?  You put it in gold.”

Nenner’s biggest problem area is extreme social unrest in the U.S.  Nenner explains, “I just saw on television there was a peaceful right wing march, and I saw all the left wing people coming in with black clothes and with bottles and beating them up.  This is exactly the 60 year cycle in social unrest.  So, social unrest is in a cycle and apart from North Korea.  This is very worrisome.  This social cycle is worrisome in the United States because of social media.  A small group can have more influence than a big group.  The other thing I might say, and I am not afraid to speak up, I can almost not live in this country, the U.S., because you cannot say the truth.  You can’t say what the facts are  . . . like both sides were at fault in Charlottesville.  I would say I would worry more about the social unrest and breaking up the United States than I worry about North Korea.”