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David Morgan - Fed Is Going to Stall and Fall

Greg Hunter  ( Original )
JAN 4, 2016

Published on Jan 3, 2016

Financial expert David Morgan says the Fed is on the back side of the power curve. What does he mean by that? Morgan explains, “Things are really at a standstill. This is really the biggest fear the Federal Reserve has. It’s called pushing on a string. If you push on a string, nothing happens. They have tried forever to stimulate the economy by increasing the debts, by increasing credit. The credit has all gone to the banks. Having an aeronautical background and flying for many years, it’s called the backside of the power curve. It means no matter what airplane you are in, when you get to a certain point and stall out, no matter how much power you give it, you are going to stall and you are going to fall. You are either going to have enough altitude to recover or you are going to crash into the ground. This is a perfect analogy for where we are now . . . I am not sure we have enough to recover this time. The Fed has been printing and printing and printing, which is the equivalent of pushing the pedal to the metal . . . and we haven’t got out of this mess, and you know it and I know it.” 

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