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Does A Dollar Shock Lie Ahead For The Markets?

Adam Taggart, Wealthion 
AUG 27, 2021

The US has increased its currency supply by a massive $5 trillion dollars since February of last year.

And now inflation is raging at a 13-year high, with the price of many essentials for living -- like food, fuel, housing and health care -- up double digits from last year.

Are we now witnessing the death of the dollar?

Perhaps not. Or at least, not quite yet.

The situation is more complicated than most realize...

Brent Johnson, CEO of Santiago Capital and creator of the Dollar Milkshake Theory, warns that -- despite the ongoing trillions in stimulus being issued and the resulting wave of higher inflation -- the dollar has potential to strengthen substantially from here, catching markets by surprise.

To understand why and how this may impact your wealth, watch our new video interview with Brent here.

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