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Going Global 2013 - Mike Maloney and Casey Research & Casey Research  ( Original )
MAY 3, 2013

People around the world consider preserving their wealth legally against corrupted Governments. Casey research explores what the experts have to say about how they internationalize their assets and provide their best advice on what the public can consider when it comes to their own asset protection.

As part of Going Global 2013 Report from Casey Research, Mike Maloney talks about the 7 stages of empire – the United States being the current empire of course, and how we are making the same mistakes previous empires have done in the past.

According to Mike, we are in what he calls the 6th of the 7 stages of an empire, just as the Roman and British empires experienced, which is the debasement of our money supply.

To see more on the 7 stages of empire, be sure to watch the 2nd episode of Hidden Secrets of Money coming soon!

Could the federal government nationalize gold again?
According to Mike, it is possible that the federal government could nationalize gold again. A lot of people mistake what happened in the 1930’s as confiscation, when really it was a nationalization that occurred. The U.S. government did not hit people on the head and take their gold. No. In fact, what they did was buy gold from the people to create enough in the monetary system to have a gold backed currency.

Gold can force the government’s hand…
Mike goes on to talk about how gold can some times force the government’s hand, as it did in 1971 when President Nixon was in office. “Nixon would not have done what he did…closing the gold window… if he did not feel that he had to.” If Nixon would have continued paying on gold when there was none left, in other words, gone bankrupt, there would have been a collapse in 1971. Nixon was forced to do what he did and thrust us in this grand experience, but we know – this fiat currency will collapse because we have evidence that it has happened over and over again. To see more on what Mike has to say watch the video.