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Gold Extends Gains After Posting the Best Year Since 2010  ( Original )
JAN 24, 2018

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Gold ETF Assets Climb to Highest Since 2013 by Susanne Barton of on 1/23/18

Gold has been in a renewed bull market since late December 2015 but got an extra boost from Secretary-Treasurer Steven Mnuchin today at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos as he said he endorses the dollar’s decline as a benefit to the American economy.

Gold’s rally is holding up well even as global stock markets surge to records and yields on U.S. Treasuries rise. Demand for the metal as a store of value has been underpinned by geopolitical turmoil, bets on rising inflation and uncertainty over policies in the U.S.

“Gold tends to perform well as an inflation hedge if it is bought before inflation picks up and in periods of high inflation.”

Please read the details here; Gold ETF Assets Climb to Highest Since 2013