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Here's What Will Cause Price of Physical Gold and Silver to Skyrocket  ( Original )
NOV 28, 2017

Please join Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with gold and silver expert Rob Kirby of

Kirby says, “In the very near future . . . we are going to experience precious metals to be cryptoized and put on the blockchain. . . .These are going to be superior alternatives to GLD and SLV, and this will bring transparency to the price discovery process for both gold and silver.  

What this means is GLD, SLV and COMEX are going to be made irrelevant by the cryptoizing of physical metal.” Kirby predicts, at some point, the price of physical gold and silver will skyrocket, and the same bankers who suppressed the price will turn around and send it to the moon.  Kirby contends, “When the banks feel this is a foregone conclusion, that the price of gold and silver are going up . . . they are going to try to front run it.  Banks try to front run everything.”