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Instavault - What Is It?

Mike Maloney 
APR 23, 2021

Buy instantly, sell instantly, in the vault instantly – InstaVault is a cost-effective way to get exposure to physical silver and gold.

InstaVault gives you the ability to quickly buy fractions of large, industrial-weight bullion bars.

You get shared interest of a 400 oz or 1000 oz gold or silver bar with the flexibility to buy and sell when you want to or convert to whole coins and bars for home delivery any time.

And all the benefits of owning physical metal, the low premium of large bulk bars down to a single ounce, and the options you need to quickly take advantage of markets:

  • No minimums: Buy in the increments of your choosing – affordably build a position or make a bulk investment, it's up to you.
  • Full, Instant Liquidity: You can sell any time after your order is settled, add to your position on dips, or hold and monitor your investment online.
  • Always Available for Delivery: Want your metal in your hands? You can request delivery at any time, as whole coins or bars of your choosing, shipped right to you.
  • Maximum Ounces for Your Currency: Invest as little as you want and enjoy the very same super affordable bulk pricing as our largest silver bars.
  • 100% Pure Metals Exposure: Every cent you invest is put into physical silver and allocated to you (in your name) as fractional ownership of large silver bars. No futures, no IOUs, just physical precious metals in your name at our secure third-party vaults, available for delivery or sale at any time.
  • Lowest Bid/Ask Spreads: Buy and sell physical metal at market rates (as close as we can offer to the underlying spot price while still providing real physical investment).
  • Full-insurance and Security: Your silver is held outside the banking system in class 3 vaults in Texas or Delaware with 24/7 surveillance, armed guards, full replacement insurance, and regular verification by independent auditors.

InstaVault is secure, liquid, and simple. Invest today in increments as little as 1 troy ounce for silver and 1/100th troy ounce for gold.

Take Delivery Any Time With Conversion

With InstaVault, you own a fractional interest in real physical bars stored in our network of independent vaults in the U.S. You can take delivery of your holdings at any time. Simply request delivery with conversion into common forms of whole-ounce bullion in any quantity, for a small exchange fee and insured shipping charge, by logging into your account online. (Note: You can not take delivery of a 1,000 oz silver bar or 400 oz gold bar. And you may only convert InstaVault ounces to our set list of fixed-weight, whole ounce products.)

Storage & Insurance Fees

InstaVault Silver investors are charged an extremely low monthly storage and insurance fee to offset the costs of safeguarding all customers' investments. You’ll pay just 0.06% of the value of your silver per month, that’s just $0.60 cents for every $1,000 invested – less than a can of soda. These fees are billable by credit/debit card and do not come out of your silver. There are no minimum fees as there with whole coin and bar allocated storage.


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