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John Williams - Hyperinflation and Higher Gold Prices in the not-too-distant future

Greg Hunter  ( Original )
MAY 10, 2015

Published on May 10, 2015

On the U.S. dollar, economist John Williams says because the Fed will not be able to raise rates in a sinking economy, the dollar will sink too. Williams explains, “That’s why you’ve seen weakness in the dollar in the last couple of weeks. As the economic outlook has dimmed and expectations of the Fed raising rates has been pushed off into the future, which is a major factor in the unfolding dollar weakness, it’s still a lot stronger than a year ago, but the downturn in the dollar has started. . . . Unexpected economic weakness adds stress to the financial system. It also tends to widen projections on the budget deficit. It will make Treasury fundings more difficult. The Fed’s going to need to be in there monetizing debt and doing what it can do to prop up the banks. That is all bad news for the dollar. As the dollar weakens, that’s going to be inflationary. As the dollar falls, oil prices will continue to rise. Gasoline prices are going to go higher again. That’s where you are going to see early stages of inflation. As the world gets used to the Fed debasing the dollar, you will see intensified selling. Watch for a massive decline in the dollar, which will be the early roots of hyperinflation in the not-too-distant future.”

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