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My Gold Was Stolen!

APR 3, 2019 Senior Analyst Jeff Clark knows the world of gold. Growing up in a mining family, he learned the best practices of investing in physical precious metals long ago.

So when it came time for him to store his own gold at home, he knew exactly how to go about it quietly, discreetly, and as safely as possible.

He did everything right.

And he still got robbed.

Fortunately, nobody was home when a thief forced his safe open. But you can imagine how he felt when he and his wife got home: Angry. Scared. Sick.

Police were no help. His homeowners’ insurance covered none of the loss.

No recourse.

The essential lesson? In Jeff’s own words: “If I store my gold at home, I am at risk of not only losing it, but of putting myself and my family at risk.”

Jeff’s solution?

He uses a program that insures his gold and silver for FULL replacement value, at the current market price (even if gold goes to $3,000 an ounce or more).

This solution is so good, Mike Maloney uses it too.

And so can you, regardless of whether you own one ounce or one thousand ounces.

To tell you all about it, we just recorded a free, no-registration webinar with Mike Maloney and Alex Daley, President.