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Silver: The Contrarian Investor’s Sleeping Giant

MAR 15, 2018

Investing in silver right now is like investing in the VIX prior to the recent stock market swoon. When it seems like it will never move higher ever again, when it couldn’t possibly seem more unexciting...that’s exactly when you want to be a contrarian buyer.

The more widely ignored and shunned by the investing public an asset is, the greater the value proposition, and the more late-to-the-game panic buyers there will be.

With a gold/silver-ratio above 80 it is very clear that silver is getting more and more attractive as it is very undervalued compared to gold:

Considering that it is trading way below its 1980 highs at 50.00 USD and has only once challenged this number in May 2011 it is not presumptuous to say that silver probably remains one of the few real contrarian investments on this planet.

Especially if you consider the E-Mobility boom and the fact that our digital societies depend heavily on electricity and therefore on conductive metals like silver, copper, aluminium, cobalt and lithium.

Silver has many unique and excelling features and should therefore certainly be needed in the coming decades. Especially this is true for the photographic (x-rays), photovoltaic (solar) and medical (antibacterial) industry.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Silver: One of the last real contrarian investments on this planet? by Florian Grummes at Midas Touch Consulting on 3/12/18