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Get Ready for the Most Explosive Fight over Physical Silver

Feb 15, 2017

their short positions will contribute mightily to the price blow-off caused by investors & users fighting over available physical supplies

Martin Armstrong's Timing on the Coming Crisis in Central Banking

Feb 2, 2017

Armstrong give's us a bit of history as well as the likely outcome on the demise of government debt. Gold is up today over $16.00 sensing cracks in the market's

2017: The Year the Global Economy Starts to Come Apart

Jan 11, 2017

Posted on January 10, 2017by Gail Tverberg of ourfiniteworld.comGail Tverberg give's an excellent perspective of things to come as the underlying problems are sufficiently severe that we seem to be headed for a crisis far worse than 2008.

Obama leaves the country with 20 trillion debt due

Aug 2, 2016

As the Obama administration comes to a close, the administration leaves the US with the highest national debt the country has ever seen, approaching 20 trillion dollars

MAN THE LIFEBOATS : US Economy Sinking - Mike Maloney

Aug 2, 2016

So many factors are adding up right now: USA's Real Estate Bubble 2.0 is here, high end condo sales have died, the Art bubble is bursting, the Fed has just slashed its GDP outlook...

Ray Dalio - How Economy Works

Aug 1, 2016

Ray Dalio. How Economy Works. The New York Times Conference

The Gold Cupboards are Bare & New Silver Buyers Forcing the Endgame - Rob Kirby

Aug 1, 2016

Kirby drills in deeper to bring us to the conclusion that we are close to a catastrophic economic collapse, & gives the evidence he sees as clear writing on the wall.

Ronald Stoeferle - Gold Being Bought on All Dips By Big Money

Aug 1, 2016

Ronald Stoeferlet, Managing Director of Incrementum AG , investor, money manager & author of the annual, In Gold We Trust report (which is now in its 10th year)

Grant Williams Interviews Willem Middelkoop on Gold

Aug 1, 2016

Willem discusses the possibility of Gold being incorporated back into the monetary system, outlining the knock-on effects & the role of central banks in this scenario

The Fed Is The Great Counterfeiter

Aug 1, 2016

Ron questions Fiat currency and the Central Banker

Why Australia (& Canada, Korea, China and others) can't avoid a recession

Aug 1, 2016

several other countries - including China & Canada - face a recession in the near future, because the way they avoided the GFC was by continuing to borrow their way to prosperity.

The Fed's Role In The Oil Boom & Bust

Jul 29, 2016

The Federal Reserve has subjected us to a constant economic roller-coaster ride. By artificially suppressing interest rates, they create illusory economic booms.

The Corrupt Origins of Central Banking in America | Thomas J. DiLorenzo - Mises

Jul 27, 2016

Mises University is the world's leading instructional program in the Austrian School of economics, and is the essential training ground for economists who are looking beyond the mainstream.

John Mauldin Interview

Jul 27, 2016

John Mauldin, Chairman of Mauldin Economics,explores the cautionary tale of Japan’s monetary policy, and goes into full detail on why monetary policy has undermined the economic stability

Why I Have More Than 10% of My Assets in Gold and Silver.

Jul 27, 2016

I shorted the stock market in October 2008, when the S&P fell as much as 33% in one month. Great timing, eh? I'd bought shares in SDS (ProShares Ultra Short S&P 500), an ETF that rose twice

Yield Curveball

Jul 27, 2016

"These investors tend to be right..." - Mike Maloney. One group of investors have a knack for spotting trouble in the market. They predicted the crash in both 2000 and 2008. And in this video, Mike shows you how to easily track them and see what they are thinking today. As you might have guessed,...

Silver Is Insurance Against The Worst Part Of This Depression

Jul 26, 2016

The worst part of the world's ongoing financial crisis is still on the way: A crisis that has its roots in the debt-based monetary system.

Dave Pare: Gold Is Looking Strong - Chris Martenson

Jul 25, 2016

he joins Chris to discuss his current outlook for gold & silver, his approach to building market models, & how he balances fundamentals versus technical analysis in assembling his macro views.

Get Down With the Monetary Sickness

Jul 25, 2016

"The consequences of this economic manipulation will be laid bare for all to see." - Mike Maloney. Mike talks about the sickness infecting our monetary system. You’ll see that as this disease worsens, it’s the everyday person who will pay the biggest price.

Are We Setting Up For a Virtual Repeat of 2008?

Jul 25, 2016

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