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Bullish: Technical Analyst Clive Maund's Gold Update  ( Original )
JAN 30, 2018

Precious Metal Technical Analyst Clive Maund explains in depth how gold is getting closer and closer to an explosion (think repriced) to the upside. The technical picture is lining up for an unprecedented breakout.

With sentiment readings now very bullish, we should not be surprised to see a modest pullback. We can use any such pullback to do additional buying, especially of gold and silver stocks.

And the US dollar just looks awful, anybody hoarding cash looks to pay dearly in this environment.

The dollar has just broken down from its large Broadening Top formation, which happened over the past 2 weeks. On the 8-year chart for the dollar index, we can see that this looks like a clear and decisive breakdown.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Gold Market Update by Clive Maund of on 1/28/18