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The 10-Year Bull Market Just Died of Coronavirus

Peak Prosperity 
MAR 12, 2020

With the stock market down -25% (and counting) from the top, and more uncertainty looming over what happens next than ever before, we encourage you to watch this insightful video from our partners, Peak Prosperity.

If you’ve been following our news feed, Peak Prosperity has been right about the coronavirus all along – including its exponential spread and its damage to the economy. They called it back in January.

Now, Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart are sitting down with two of the most prominent financial experts to talk about where the markets go from here.

Hear from John Hussman, who’s famous for his accurate predictions of both the 2001 and 2008 stock market crises, on stock valuations and where he believes the S&P 500 index could be in a few months. John rarely makes public appearances, so this is a rare treat to get this take.

And Steen Jakobsen, the Chief Investment officer of Saxo Bank. Steen’s a sought-after analyst regularly appearing on CNBC and Bloomberg for his macro and political insights.

Two brilliant market experts sharing their perspective in real-time on what they see happening now. That’s invaluable information for investors wondering what’s coming next.

Head over to Peak Prosperity to watch “The 10-Year Bull Market Just Died of Coronavirus”.